Cheap and Brand New Rectangle 2000W Power Inverter DC 12V AC 220V Car Converter

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Rectangle 2000W Power Inverter DC 12V AC 220V Car Converter

High converting efficiency.
Under voltage shutdown protection.
Overload protection, overheat protection.
Invert DC 12V to household AC 220V, power a wide variety of household AC products.
Provide 2000W of AC power and 2000W surge power.
Low battery alarm, low / high battery shut down.
Automatic thermal shut down.
Safely shuts down if under over temperature or overload condition.
Operate a 25 inch TV for about 4 hours from a typical car battery.
Advanced chip technology.
Intelligent cooling fan system, CPU microprocessor to realize multiple protections.
Protect the electrical and automotive circuits in use.
Can be operated with your car cigarette socket or directly connected with wires clips.
Adapting aluminum alloy case, antioxidant, sturdy and durable.

Technical Parameters:
Input voltage: 10 - 15V (DC 12V)
Output voltage: AC 220V
Output frequency: 50Hz (5 percent more or less)
Output waveform: modified sine wave
Fuse: 10A / 15A / 20A / 40A / 70A
Over heat protection: 60 Deg.C (5 percent / 10 percent more or less)
Low battery alarm (nominal): 9.5 - 11.0V
Low battery shutdown point (nominal): 9.0 - 10.5V
High battery shutdown point (nominal): 14.5 - 15.5V
Unload current: less than 0.6A
Conversion efficiency: 93 percent and more
Continues AC output power: 800W
30-minute AC output power: 700W
Maximum AC output power: 1600W

Actual power: 800 - 900W
Package weight: 1.169 kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 24.00 x 9.50 x 5.50 cm / 9.45 x 3.74 x 2.17 inches
Package Size(L x W x H): 29.50 x 14.50 x 6.50 cm / 11.61 x 5.71 x 2.56 inches
Package Contents: 1 x DC to AC 2000W Car Power Inverter, 2 x Adapter Wire, 1 x Bilingual User Manual in English and Chinese

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