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12V Portable Car Heaters – Why so popular?


As we are preparing for winter season, checking our car’s heater condition is one important thing on our preparedness checklist.

Keeping warm and your windshield clear are important on the cold days when traveling in your car or truck. Auto Barn sells several different portable car heaters or portable car defrosters you plug directly into your car or trucks outlet or wire directly to your battery and either place it under your car or trucks seat or attach it to your sun visor.

car heater

Tired of scraping the ice off of your windshield every day before work? Sick of your whole interior fogging up after 5 minutes of being on the road? We all know the feeling! Especially for this time of year, you might want to get yourself a portable 12V heater or defroster for your vehicle.

Car Fan Heater can blow natural wind and warm air. It can help you solve the problem that fog and frost cover on your car's windshield Blocking your view.

Browse our selection of portable heaters and defrosters above, and see the unbelievable difference these powerful units provide. The days of cracking your windows to get rid of the fog in your car are officially over!

New 12 Volt DC Auto Heater Defroster with Light ELECTRIC PORTABLE CAR HEATER

Warm up quickly with this 12 volt rubberized car heater! The car heater is also suitable for supplementing your car heater to keep backseat passengers warm. The car heater also works as a windshield defroster for when your front or rear defogger is not working. Stay warm with this handy rubberized car heater!
  • Swing-out handle to use as hand-held spot defroster
  • Choose from;heat; or;fan-only; settings
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • 360 degree swivel mount
  • 87; cord plugs directly into 12 volt outlet
15 amp inline blade fuse
Overall dimensions: 7-1/4; W x 5-1/2; L x 2-3/16; H

Shipping Weight: 1.45 lb.

Overall Dimensions

7-1/4; W x 5-1/2; Deep x 2-3/16; H

Handle Dimensions

3; L x 1; W


15 Amp

Power Source

12VDC, 13 Amps

Mounting Holes

(2) 5/32; Diameter


(1) Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter with green power LED indicator

Power Cord

87; L with 15 Amp in-line blade fuse

12 Volt DC Auto Car Heater in NZ
12 Volt DC Auto Car Heater

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