Cheap and Brand New TDA8950TH 2.1 Power amplifier board 2*150W+250W


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TDA8950TH 2.1 Power amplifier board 2*150W+250W

Basic performance parameters:

Work: Class D
Quiescent Current: 65mA
Work efficiency: 90%
Left and right output power: 2 * 150W
Subwoofer output power: 250W 8ohm
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
Operating voltage: Dual AC15V to AC28V
Recommended supply voltage: AC28V-0-AC28V
PCB size: 150 * 145MM
Note?as the subwoofer output is using BTL,so it only can load 8ohm or above 8ohm speaker.
packing included:Assembled TDA8950TH 2.1 Power amplifier board X 1

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