Cheap and Brand New 1943 5200 High Power Subwoofer Amplifier Board 250W 300W w/ Speaker Protection


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1943 5200 High Power Subwoofer Amplifier Board 250W 300W w/ Speaker Protection

Product detail

1. The upper limit frequency is adjustable, volume control

2. All relay protection, startup delay and DC output protection,
speaker short circuit protection

3. The advantages of DC servo system: automatic suppression of
the amplifier operating point offset, zero offset voltage control, the
control amplifier DC output potential, extended low frequency response
of the amplifier, reducing the low frequency phase distortion of the

4. AC voltage supply: current 26V ~ 36V/2A above, a small
current dual 15V ~ dual 20V/0.5A (supporting power:

5. Supporting the radiator:
id=4399858180 (left and right one, so you have to beat two is Enough

6. PCB size: 101 × 175mm

7. Output power: 250W / 8 Europe, 300W / 4 ohms (peak)

Assembly prompted

To test the machine a short time or not mounted radiator, two sets of
voltage connected, the signal input connected power whether the test
relay closed, if closed, the last received speaker check whether a
voice, OK immediately off power, and finally to heat installed, and then
work long hours

Package list

1*1943 5200 Toshiba High Power Subwoofer Amplifier Board

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