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USB to DB25 Parallel Printer Cable Lead LPT Adaptor

USB to DB25 Parallel Printer Cable
  • Use to connect a printer with your existing parallel printer cable to a PC with a USB port. Not suitable for use with parallel port scanners, security dongles etc - printers only.
  • Easy to install on (and suitable for) Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 - just plug it in!
  • Power supplied by USB interface
  • Connector:  USB type A male to DB25 female (not centronics connector)
  • No driver is required (or supplied) for the cable as it installs automatically on supported operating systems as listed above. It is not supported on other operating systems. 
  • Please ensure that your printer is supported by (and drivers are available for) your operating system. You may need to download printer drivers from your printer manufacturers website.
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