Cheap and Brand New Play Battery pack & Chargeable cable Kit For Xbox 360

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Play Battery pack & Chargeable cable Kit For Xbox 360

Battery pack & Chargeable cable
For X 360
Compatible with XBOX360 Wireless Controller, including battery pack and chargeable cable.
Product introduction:
1. It can charge your XBOX360 Controller directly with a controller charging cable.
2. It can work 18 hours after charging, and with a 4000mA battery pack in it.
3. It can protect your XBOX360 Controller with secure circuitry.
4. It has over charger protecting.
1. Don't throw it into water;
2. Don't throw it into fire;
3. Don't put it beside the high temperature condition.
Electronic parameter:
1. Battery pack: output voltage DC=2.7V/300mA
2. Capacity: 4000mAh(Ni-MH)
Package weight: 197g

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