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NEW Digital ADEL Fingerprint Door Lock Professional Security For Home/Office

New Adel Fingerprint and Password and Emergency Key Door Lock

Fingerprint+Password+Key 3 in 1, Changeable handle lever


This is a Plastic Case Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock, it can make your finger become the key to open your door lock and protect your home(or office) securit! It has 3 different ways to open your door: Fingerprint, password and mechanical key!

Losing your house keys can be a real headache. Using Biometric technology, this lock grants you access to your home or property by simply scanning your fingerprint! This DIY Reversible Fingerprint Door Lock from ADEL is one of the most efficient high-tech door locks on the market. Now, Biometric technology has arrived in the security locks industry, and we are excited to offer you the innovative ADEL Fingerprint Password Lock.

America style, using international standard single latch
PVD coated surface enhanced the durability of the lock;
Warning beeps and red indicator light when battery is low
Passage mode which is convenient for meeting or conference
Password controlled power switch, reducing the power consumption.
Independent designed clutch & special designed handle
Please Click here to check the User Manual

Fingerprint template setting : 2 times generate a module
Individual user deletion.
No external wiring required.
Fingerprint matching time: <1 sec
False rejection rate (FRR): <1 ‰
False Accept Rate (FAR): ? 0.0001%
Operation humidity: RH (45 ~ 85)%
Highly recommended for Indoor use.
Reversible handle fit any left or right handed door.
Fingerprint collect Time: <0.2 seconds
Storage capacity: 120 (each 2 as a group, a total of 60 groups)
Finger using angle: 360 ° at any angle can be correctly identified

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