Cheap and Brand New 220V 30W 50Hz Electric Vacuum Solder Sucker /Desoldering Pump / Iron Gun


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220V 30W 50Hz Electric Vacuum Solder Sucker /Desoldering Pump / Iron Gun


Bulky, strong suction, is a thick film integrated circuit, a large component of the ideal addition to a large tin solder tool products, can be used independently with one hand, power 5 minutes after the addition of tin can work for a long time, automatically spit tin, fast and convenient, is to improve the efficiency of maintenance in a good helper!


1. Operating voltage: 220V 50HZ

2. Heater Power: 30W

3. Electromagnetic power: 350W (instant)

4. Insulation class: E Class

5. Methods of work: continuous

Package list:

1. 1* Drill rod

2. 1 * Nozzle

3. 1 * Manual

1 * Desoldering gun

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