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ASUS battery 67Wh 11.25V(11.25V is compatible with 10.8V) special replace for ASUS A32N1511/ , And also fit Model:ASUS ROG G752VL G752VM G752VT G752VY
ASUS battery 96Wh 11.4V special replace for ASUS C32N1415/ , And also fit Model:ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501J UX501L
ASUS battery 36Wh/3200mAh 10.8V special replace for ASUS A31N1537/ , And also fit Model:ASUS VivoBook X441SA X441SC X441UA X441UV
Asus battery 54Wh 11.55V special replace for Asus C31N1528/ , And also fit Model:Asus UX360 UX360C UX360CA 3ICP28/96102 Series
ASUS battery 38Wh/4840mAh 7.6V special replace for ASUS C21N1414/ , And also fit Model:ASUS EeeBook X205T X205TA X205TA-BING-FD015B 11.6"
Dell battery 3500mAh 11.4V special replace for Dell 3CRH3/ , And also fit Model:Dell Inspiron 13 7368 15 5568 15 7000 7560

Battery PartNo For Benq Laptop,Replace Benq Notebook Battery

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BATTV00L3 (2250mah-10.8V) BATTV00L6 (2250mah-10.8V) BATTV00L3 (4500mAh-10.8V) BATTV00L6 (4500mAh-10.8V) BATBLB3L61 (4400mAh/48Wh-10.8V) BATAW20L61 (4400mAh/48Wh-10.8V) BATAW20L62 (4400mAh/48Wh-10.8V) BATTU00L41 (2600mAh-14.8V) BATTU00L42 (2600mAh-14.8V) BATTU00L44 (2600mAh-14.8V) DH1001 (57.72wh-11.1V) 2H.05E0D.011 (57.72wh-11.1V) SQU-901 (57.72wh-11.1V) 916T2015F (57.72wh-11.1V) SQU-701 (4400mah-11.1V) DHR504 (4400mah-11.1V) PB2Q-4-24 (4400mah-11.1V) DHR503 (4400mah-11.1V) AK2Q-4-20 (4400mah-11.1V) 2C.20990.001 (4400mah-11.1V) SQU-712 (4400mah-11.1V) SQU-714 (4400mah-11.1V) PE1-4-22 (4400mah-11.1V) 916C7620F (4400mah-11.1V) EUP-P2-4-24 (4400mah-11.1V) A52 (4400mah-11.1V) A52E (4400mah-11.1V) Q41 (4400mah-11.1V) R43 (4400mah-11.1V) R56 (4400mah-11.1V) R43C (4400mah-11.1V) R43E (4400mah-11.1V) A32-T53S (4800mah-11.1V) SQU-701 (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) 2C.20C30.001 (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) 2C.20C30.021 (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) 916C7170F (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) 916C5810F (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) DHR504 (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) EUP-P2-4-24 (4800mAh / 6Cell-11.1V) SQU-528 (4800mAh-11.1V) 916C5340F (4800mAh-11.1V) 916C5110F (4800mAh-11.1V) 916C7000F (4800mAh-11.1V) 2C.201S0.001 (4800mAh-11.1V) ID6 (4800mAh-11.1V) SQU-524 (4800mAh-11.1V) SQU-528 (4800mAh-11.1V) BTY-M66 (4800mAh-11.1V) CBPIL44 (4800mAh-11.1V) CBPIL48 (4800mAh-11.1V) INTC-729 (4800mAh-11.1V) BPIL52 (4800mAh-11.1V) SQU-706 (4800mAh-11.1V) SQU-503 (4800mAh-11.1V) M660NBAT-6 (4800mAh-11.1V) 3UR18650F-2-QC-11 (4800mAh-11.1V) SQU-505 (4800mah-10.8V) SQU-506 (4800mah-10.8V) 23.2K560.011 (4800mah-10.8V) 916C4390F (4800mah-10.8V) 916-4400F (4800mah-10.8V) 916C4400F (4800mah-10.8V) 916-4670F (4800mah-10.8V) 916C4670F (4800mah-10.8V) SQU-812 (7200mAh-11.1V ) 916T7910F (7200mAh-11.1V ) 2C.20E01.001 (7200mAh-11.1V ) SQU-527 (4800mAh,8 Cells-11.1V(compatible 9.6V Ni-MH)) 916C4910F (4800mAh,8 Cells-11.1V(compatible 9.6V Ni-MH)) EUP-K2-4-24 (4800mAh,8 Cells-11.1V(compatible 9.6V Ni-MH)) 916C4910F (4800mAh,8 Cells-11.1V(compatible 9.6V Ni-MH)) 2C.2K660.001 (4700mAh-10.8V) 2C.2K660.011 (4700mAh-10.8V) DHS600 (4700mAh-10.8V) WP-MT8066 (4400mAh-10.80V) P-CGR (4400mAh-10.80V) 18650C (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-8666 (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-8666(P) (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-8X66 (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-8X66(P) (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-80X0 (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-80X0(P) (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-8244 (4400mAh-10.80V) BP-8224(P) (4400mAh-10.80V) 442686900002 (4400mAh-10.80V) 441686900012 (4400mAh-10.80V) 40011685 (4400mAh-10.80V) 442686900004 (4400mAh-10.80V) 23.2K640.001 (4400mAh-10.80V) 2C.2K710.011 (4400mAh-10.80V) 23.2K470.001 (6600mAh-11.1V) BP-8089 (6600mAh-11.1V) BP-8089P (6600mAh-11.1V) BP-8389 (6600mAh-11.1V) BP-LYN (6600mAh-11.1V) BP-8089X (6600mAh-11.1V) SQU-510 (4800mAh-14.80v) EUP-P2-4-24 (-11.1V) JOYBOOK (-11.1V) C41 (-11.1V) C41E (-11.1V) DHS5 (4400mAh-11.1V) I305RH (4400mAh-11.1V) SQU-409 (4400mAh-11.1V) SQU-416 (4400mAh-11.1V) 916C3330 (4400mAh-11.1V) 916-3150 (4400mAh-11.1V) 916C3150F (4400mAh-11.1V) 916C3150 (4400mAh-11.1V) 916C3150F (4400mAh-11.1V) CS.23K45.001 (4400mAh-11.1V) 23.20092.011 (4400mAh-11.1V) 3UR1865OF-2-QC163 (4400mAh-11.1V) 7028030000 (4400mAh-11.1V) JOYBOOK (4400mAh-11.1V) S53 (4400mAh-11.1V) 23.20101.011 (4400mAh-14.8V) 4ur18650f-1-ql105 (4400mAh-14.8V) DH8100 (6600mAh-11.1V) 23.200092.001 (6600mAh-11.1V) 65.K0104.001 (6600mAh-11.1V) 23.20075.001 (6450mAh-11.1V) DH3000 (6450mAh-11.1V) I304 (4400mAh-10.8V) I304RJ (4400mAh-10.8V) I304RH (4400mAh-10.8V) 23.20116.001 (4400mAh-10.8V) 23.20075.011 (4300mAh-14.8V) 23.20075.041 (4300mAh-14.8V) 23.20075.061 (4300mAh-14.8V) I302 (4300mAh-14.8V) I302RH (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVP (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVPT (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVPT (4300mAh-14.8V) TW (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVPT/TW (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVPTA (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVPTA (4300mAh-14.8V) CN (4300mAh-14.8V) LIP8157IVPTA/CN (4300mAh-14.8V) 23.20099.001 (3600 mAh-10.8V) 23.2099.001 (3600 mAh-10.8V) I301 (3600 mAh-10.8V)
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