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Samsung battery 1.47Wh/380mAh 3.85V special replace for Samsung Gear-S3/ , And also fit Model:EB-BR760A GH43-04699A
Blackberry battery 3440mAh/13.24Wh 3.85V special replace for Blackberry BAT-63108-003/ , And also fit Model: Blackberry Keyone DTEK70 DK70
LG battery 4100Mah/15.8Wh 3.85V special replace for LG BL-T24/ , And also fit Model: LG X Power K220 LS755 BL-T24
ASUS battery 67Wh 11.25V(11.25V is compatible with 10.8V) special replace for ASUS A32N1511/ , And also fit Model:ASUS ROG G752VL G752VM G752VT G752VY
ASUS battery 96Wh 11.4V special replace for ASUS C32N1415/ , And also fit Model:ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501J UX501L
ASUS battery 36Wh/3200mAh 10.8V special replace for ASUS A31N1537/ , And also fit Model:ASUS VivoBook X441SA X441SC X441UA X441UV

Battery PartNo For Hasee Laptop,Replace Hasee Notebook Battery

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SSBS39 (7.4V-3900mah) SSBS40 (7.4V-3900mah) SQU-815 (1800mah-11.1V) 916T8020F (1800mah-11.1V) C52-3S4400-S1B1 (4400mah-11.1V) C52-3S4400-B1B1 (4400mah-11.1V) C52-3S4400-C1L3 (4400mah-11.1V) E200-3S4400-B1B1 (4400mah-11.1V) E200-3S5200-B1B1 (4400mah-11.1V) 9223BP (47WH-10.8V) DC07-N1057-05A (47WH-10.8V) BP3S2P2150 (47WH-10.8V) SSBS19 (3200mAH-7.4V) SSBS20 (3200mAH-7.4V) SSBS23 (3200mah/32Ah-7.4V) SSBS21 (3200mah/32Ah-7.4V) SQU-817 (1800mah-11.1V) 916T8000F (1800mah-11.1V) J10-3S4400-G1B1 (4400mAh-11.1V) J10-3S2200-S1B1 (4400mAh-11.1V) J10-3S4400-C1L3 (4400mAh-11.1V) J10-3S6600-G1L1 (4400mAh-11.1V) A41-3S4400-C1H1 (4400mAh-10.8V) A41-4S2200-C1H1 (4400mAh-10.8V) A41-3S4400-S1B1 (4400mAh-10.8V) A41-3S4400-G1L3 (4400mAh-10.8V) A410-P60D1 (5200mah-10.8V) A410-i3D3 (5200mah-10.8V) A430-i3D1 (5200mah-10.8V) SW9-3S4400-B1B1 (5200mah-10.8V) CQB904 (5200mah-10.8V) CQB901 (5200mah-10.8V) SQU-902 (5200mah-10.8V) FGQ-140 (5200mah-10.8V) 916T2017F (5200mah-10.8V) 916T2098F (5200mah-10.8V) H41-3S4400-C1B1 (5200mAh-11.1V) H41-3S4400-G1L3 (5200mAh-11.1V) H41-3S4400-S1B1 (5200mAh-11.1V) A32-H24 (4400mAh-11.1V) L062066 (4400mAh-11.1V) SQU-816 (4400mAh/48WH-11.1V) 916T2079F (4400mAh/48WH-11.1V) 916T8290F (4400mAh/48WH-11.1V) V30-4S2200-G1L3 (4400mA-10.8V) V30-3S4400-G1L3 (4400mA-10.8V) v30-4s2200-s1s6 (2200mAh/31.68WH-14.4V) SA20070-01-1020 (4400mAh-11.10V) 8162PST-23-050250-01-E214203 (4400mAh-11.10V) SA20060-01-1020 (4400mAh-11.10V) 23-050250-00 (4400mAh-11.10V) 23-050431-00 (4400mAh-11.10V) 23+050431+00 (4400mAh-11.10V) 1200 (4400mAh-11.10V) 8028 (4400mAh-11.10V) 3800#8162_PST (4400mAH(6 Cell, 49Wh)-11.10V) 3800#8162_SCUD (4400mAH(6 Cell, 49Wh)-11.10V) HA-Q200 (4400mAH(6 Cell, 49Wh)-11.10V) J10-3S4400-G1B1 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S2200-S1B1 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S4400--C1L3 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S6600-G1L1 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S4400-G1B1 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S2200-S1B1 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S4400--C1L3 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S6600-G1L1 (6600mah(9cell)-11.1V) J10-3S4400-G1B1 (4400mah(6cell)-11.1V) J10-3S2200-S1B1 (4400mah(6cell)-11.1V) J10-3S4400--C1L3 (4400mah(6cell)-11.1V) J10-3S6600-G1L1 (4400mah(6cell)-11.1V) SQU-804 (4400mAh-11.1V) SQU-805 (4400mAh-11.1V) SQU-807 (4400mAh-11.1V) SW8-3S4400-B1B1 (4400mAh-11.1V) 3UR18650-2-T0188 (4400mAh-11.1V) 916C7830F (4400mAh-11.1V)
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