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Innos battery 6000mAh/22.8WH 3.8V special replace for Innos BP-10X-i/ , And also fit Model:Innos D10 D10C D10F
Coolpad battery 2500mAh/9.5WH 3.8V special replace for Coolpad CPLD-352/ , And also fit Model:COOLPAD F1 8297-C00 PLus Phone
Samsung battery 2000mAh/7.7WH 3.85V special replace for Samsung EB-BG360CBC/ Samsung EB-BG360BBE/ , And also fit Model:Samsung GALAXY CORE Prime G3608 G3609 G3606
TCL battery 1800mAh/6.66WH 3.7V special replace for TCL CAB24N0001C1/ TCL TLiB4AA/ , And also fit Model:TCL C995 phone
PHILIPS battery 1600mAh/5.92WH 3.7V special replace for PHILIPS AB1600DWMT/ PHILIPS AB1600DWML/ , And also fit Model:Philips S309 CTS309 phone
Lenovo battery 3780mAh/14.4WH(Typ4000mAh) 3.8V special replace for Lenovo BL273/ , And also fit Model:lenovo K6 Note K53a48

Battery PartNo For Philips Laptop,Replace Philips Notebook Battery

( Please Enter "Ctrl+F" to Find Your Laptop PartNo )

SA20070-01-1020 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 8162PST-23-050250-01-E214203 (4400mAh-11.10V ) SA20060-01-1020 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 23-050250-00 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 23-050430-00 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 23-050431-00 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 23-050431-00 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 1200 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 8028 (4400mAh-11.10V ) 11NB5800 (4400mAh-11.10V ) SQU-528 (4800mAh-11.1V ) 916C5340F (4800mAh-11.1V ) 916C5110F (4800mAh-11.1V ) 916C7000F (4800mAh-11.1V ) 2C.201S0.001 (4800mAh-11.1V ) ID6 (4800mAh-11.1V ) SQU-524 (4800mAh-11.1V ) SQU-528 (4800mAh-11.1V ) BTY-M66 (4800mAh-11.1V ) CBPIL44 (4800mAh-11.1V ) CBPIL48 (4800mAh-11.1V ) INTC-729 (4800mAh-11.1V ) BPIL52 (4800mAh-11.1V ) SQU-706 (4800mAh-11.1V ) SQU-503 (4800mAh-11.1V ) M660NBAT-6 (4800mAh-11.1V ) 3UR18650F-2-QC-11 (4800mAh-11.1V )
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