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COOLPAD battery 1100mAh/4.07WH 3.7V special replace for COOLPAD CPLD-38/ , And also fit Model:COOLPAD F603 F608 F628 E506 S66
CLEVO battery 3175mAh/36WH 11.4V special replace for CLEVO NL40BAT-3/ , And also fit Model:Clevo MACHCREATOR-AAS3AU NL51LU NL41GU NL41LU
DOOV battery 2750mAh/10.45WH 3.8V special replace for DOOV PL-C35/ , And also fit Model:DOOV A10
JVC battery 1200mAh/4.5WH 3.7V special replace for JVC BN-VG212U/ , And also fit Model:JVC GZ-V505 GZ-V505L GZ-V570 GZ-V505B GZ-VX715
DOOV battery 3000mAh/11.1WH 3.7V special replace for DOOV BL-2803/ , And also fit Model:DOOV X1 2019
DOOV battery 4800mAh/17.76WH 3.7V special replace for DOOV 2406/ , And also fit Model:DOOV W580
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Battery For Inspired_energy Laptop,Rechargeable Inspired_energy Notebook Battery

Inspired_energy Laptop battery - 100% compatible inspired_energy laptop battery. Below we list part of the rechargeable inspired_energy notebook battery part num. All inspired_energy batteries has been tested and validated on inspired_energy systems.batteries for Inspired_energy on comes with 1 year limited warranty. Shopping here,we have superior customer service here to ensure you shopping enjoyment from place order to shipment to after-sale.

- 100% Q.C. of EVERY product.
- Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
- 1 Year Warranty.
- 30 Days Money Back.

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NC2040 (2.9Ah/31WH-10.8V) NC2040HD (2.9Ah/31WH-10.8V) NC2040HD34 (2.9Ah/31WH-10.8V) NC2040A22 (2.9Ah/31WH-10.8V) NB2037 (3.4Ah/2.8WH-7.2V) NB2037OL34 (3.4Ah/2.8WH-7.2V)

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  • Inspired_energy Ni2020iK24 Battery 7200mah/78Wh 10.8V for Inspired Energy NI2020ED Ni2020iK24 series NI2020 Ikaria PN 80066

    Price: NZ $ 124
    Pcode : ENE20JU910
    (Update On February.2024)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage10.8V
    battery Capacitor7200mah/78Wh
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