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Panasonic battery 3200mAh/23WH 7.2v special replace for Panasonic CF-VZSU53W/ , And also fit Model:Panasonic CF-H1/Panasonic CF-H2/Panasonic CF-U1
ASUS battery 4110mAh/32WH 7.6V special replace for ASUS B21N1818/ , And also fit Model:ASUS VivoBook 15 / ASUS VivoBook 15 X512DA / ASUS VivoBook 15 X512UB
Lenovo battery 4535mAh/51WH 11.25V special replace for Lenovo L17M3PG3/ , And also fit Model:Lenovo Legion Y530/Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH/Lenovo Legion Y7000/Lenovo Legion Y7000P
Microsoft battery 2580mAh/19.6wh 7.6V special replace for Microsoft PBP5/ , And also fit Model:Microsoft Surface Book
Acer battery 3090mAh/46WH 15.2V special replace for Acer AC14B3K/ , And also fit Model:Acer Aspire E3-111/Acer Aspire ES1-511/Acer Aspire ES1-512/Acer Aspire V3-371/Acer Aspire E5-771G
Lenovo battery 4400mAh/48WH 10.8V special replace for Lenovo 45N1130/ , And also fit Model:Lenovo ThinkPad W550S/Lenovo ThinkPad L450/Lenovo ThinkPad T550/Lenovo ThinkPad T460(68+)
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Battery For Itronix Laptop,Rechargeable Itronix Notebook Battery

Itronix Laptop battery - 100% compatible itronix laptop battery. Below we list part of the rechargeable itronix notebook battery part num. All itronix batteries has been tested and validated on itronix systems.batteries for Itronix on comes with 1 year limited warranty. Shopping here,we have superior customer service here to ensure you shopping enjoyment from place order to shipment to after-sale.

- 100% Q.C. of EVERY product.
- Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
- 1 Year Warranty.
- 30 Days Money Back.

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(Here just a small part about our itronix replace battery)

IX600 (6600mAh/71.28Wh-10.8V) IX605 (6600mAh/71.28Wh-10.8V) IX610 (6600mAh/71.28Wh-10.8V) IX270-M (7200mAh/79Wh-11.1V) 23+050395+01 (7200mAh/79Wh-11.1V) 23+050395+02 (7200mAh/79Wh-11.1V)

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Total 3 items

  • Itronix IX605 Battery 6600mAh/71.28Wh 10.8V for Itronix Hummer GoBook VR-1 VR-2 GD6000

    Price: NZ $ 105
    Pcode : ITR19J532
    (Update On August.2019)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage10.8V
    battery Capacitor6600mAh/71.28Wh
  • Itronix IX270-M Battery 7200mAh/79Wh 11.1V for Itronix GoBook XR-1 IX270 IX270-010 GD8000

    Price: NZ $ 168
    Pcode : ITR10X70
    (Update On August.2019)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage11.1V
    battery Capacitor7200mAh/79Wh
  • Itronix IX270-M Battery 7200mAh 11.1V for Itronix Hummer GoBook XR-1- IX270 ,GD8000

    Price: NZ $ 220
    Pcode : EPIX001
    (Update On August.2019)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage11.1V
    battery Capacitor7200mAh
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