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MOTOROLA battery 800mAh 3.6V special replace for MOTOROLA SNN5705B/ , And also fit Model:Motorola Nextel Boost V540 V60i V600
Lenovo battery 7600mAh/56.24Wh 7.4V special replace for Lenovo BSNO427488-01/ Lenovo 8S5B10L06248/ , And also fit Model:Lenovo 100S-14IBR 8S5B10L 80R9
TP-LINK battery 3000Mah/11.55Wh 3.85V special replace for TP-LINK NBL-35b3000/ , And also fit Model:TP-LINK Neffos NBL-35b3000
TP-LINK battery 3200Mah/12.32Wh 3.85V special replace for TP-LINK NBL-35A3200/ , And also fit Model:TP-LINK Neffos NBL-35A3200
Bose battery 2200Mah/15.84Wh 7.2V special replace for Bose 071473/ Bose 745518-0010/ , And also fit Model:BOSE SOUNDLINK REVOLVE 071473 745518-0010
Panasonic battery 3550mAh/37WH 10.8V special replace for Panasonic CF-VZSU0DJS/ , And also fit Model:Panasoni CF-LX
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Battery For Simplo Laptop,Rechargeable Simplo Notebook Battery

Simplo Laptop battery - 100% compatible simplo laptop battery. Below we list part of the rechargeable simplo notebook battery part num. All simplo batteries has been tested and validated on simplo systems.batteries for Simplo on comes with 1 year limited warranty. Shopping here,we have superior customer service here to ensure you shopping enjoyment from place order to shipment to after-sale.

- 100% Q.C. of EVERY product.
- Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
- 1 Year Warranty.
- 30 Days Money Back.

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(Here just a small part about our simplo replace battery)

DLC-200S (8100mAh-7.4V) SQU-1708 (3840mAh/29.56Wh-7.7V) 916QA102H (3840mAh/29.56Wh-7.7V)

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  • Simplo SQU-1708 916QA102H Battery 3840mAh/29.56Wh 7.7V for SIMPLO SQU-1708 916QA102H

    Price: NZ $ 141
    Pcode : SIM19D793
    (Update On July.2020)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage7.7V
    battery Capacitor3840mAh/29.56Wh
  • Simplo DLC-200S Battery 8100mAh 7.4V for simplo wireless network LTE battery 4G equipment WIFI

    Price: NZ $ 111
    Pcode : SIM19J525_Wif_Oth
    (Update On July.2020)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage7.4V
    battery Capacitor8100mAh
  • Simplo SQU-1104 916ta045h Battery 3350mah 11.1V for Simplo SQU-1104 916ta045h Series

    Price: NZ $ 160
    Pcode : SIM2806
    (Update On July.2020)
    replace battery details
    battery Voltage11.1V
    battery Capacitor3350mah
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