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Does the mobile phone fast charge depend on the data cable or the charging head?

Mobile phones want to achieve fast charging, data lines and charging heads need to be adapted, in addition to the correct fast charging protocol, the three are complementary, indispensable. If a high-power charging head is used, but the data line does not reach the fast charging standard, or the charging protocol of the charging head and the data line do not match, the fast charging cannot be achieved.

Charging interface and data cable

For example, mobile phones are beginning to popularize the USB TYPE-C interface. The old MicroUSB interface has been eliminated. In addition to the trouble of plugging and unplugging, a very important reason is that the maximum current that the MicroUSB data cable can withstand is limited.

The standard MicroUSB cable can only withstand a maximum of 3A, and generally exceeds 2A and there is a risk of heat. Therefore, in the past, mobile phones using MicroUSB data lines, the fast charge power is generally 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A. However, this high-voltage, low-current fast-charge technology has a drawback in that it must have a step-down process before the current enters the cell phone battery. Because the charging voltage of the mobile phone lithium battery can not exceed 5.2V. The high voltage will inevitably generate high heat in the process of step-down, so the traditional 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A fast charge can only obtain higher charging power when the mobile phone is in standby mode, once the mobile phone bright screen charging power It will be greatly reduced, so that in order to avoid the temperature generated by the bright screen of the mobile phone and the temperature generated by the high-voltage charging, the fuselage is overheated.

Now the USB TYPE-C data line implemented by mobile phone manufacturers can withstand a maximum of 5A, and the maximum voltage is also increased to 20V. So theoretically the USB TYPE-C charging interface can provide up to 100W of charging power. Xiaomi recently showed a 100W fast-charge prototype, using the USB TYPE-C data cable.

Charging protocol

Another factor that determines whether a smartphone can be quickly charged is the fast charge protocol. At present, the fast charging protocols of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers are different. The popular USB PD protocol is used by Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei. USB PD can charge mobile phones and even laptops with high compatibility. However, Huawei has also developed a Super Charge fast charging protocol, which is not compatible with ordinary USB PD. In addition, OPPO, vivo fast charging technology is not the same as the mainstream USB PD, and even the data line is specially customized.

Therefore, if the chargers and data lines of various mobile phone brands are mixed, it is very likely that the fast charging effect will not be achieved. When you buy chargers and data cables for your mobile phone, you must first study which type of fast charging protocol your mobile phone uses, so as not to encounter the situation that the purchased charger and data cable do not match the mobile phone.

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Is the mobile phone fast charging function the credit of the charging head or the credit of the line? why?

The charging head is the protagonist of fast charging

In the fast charging system of the mobile phone, the charging head is a protagonist and is also accessible to ordinary consumers. For consumers, charging power is a key indicator of fast charging technology, and this indicator is based on the charging head.

This year, the fast charge of many flagship mobile phones can reach about 40W. Among them, OPPO has 50W fast charge, vivo has 44W fast charge, Huawei has 40W and 55W fast charge technology. However, Huawei's 55W fast charge is only used on some concept models, and has not been released to the flagship model.

How much power fast charging technology requires a charging head that matches the corresponding power. Therefore, the charging head is an indicator that consumers can perceive.

Charging cable is also very important

Many people know that mobile phones from the iPhone 8 series support fast charging, but need to buy a dedicated charging head and charging cable. Then, compared to ordinary charging lines, the line that supports fast charging is somewhat special.

As we all know, the ordinary charging line of Android mobile phones only has 3 lines working, 2 of which are power lines, and 1 line is grounded. And Android's fast charge line, basically 5 lines are working, 2 are power lines, 2 data lines, 1 ground line.

In the charging line, the role of the two data lines is very important, responsible for the communication between the charging head and the mobile phone power management chip. Specifically, the communication between the charging head and the mobile phone power management chip is to negotiate the charging power.

For a simple example, Huawei's flagship mobile phone supports 40W fast charging, while Huawei's charging head has power output support: it supports three output specifications: 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 10V/4A. Then, what kind of power should be used to charge the mobile phone during charging, which requires two wires in the charging line to communicate and negotiate the charging power.

It is not difficult to see that the fast charge technology is not simply the matching of the charging head and the charging line, but also matches the power management chip of the mobile phone. Compared with the ordinary charging line, the fast charging has higher requirements on the charging head and the charging line.

Is the mobile phone fast charging the credit head or the line?

Both work. The adapter data cable that does not support fast charging is a five-core cable. The adapter that supports fast charging not only has a large output power, but the data cable is seven cores or more. Of course, you will find that if you use a normal data cable, if you use a fast charge, the charging is very fast, but not as fast as the original line. In fact, the statement is not absolute. The relationship between the two is complementary. Said that the charging head has a greater credit.

The charging speed of the mobile phone mainly depends on the charging current. The charging current is fast, the charging speed is fast, and the charging current is slow. The charging current is related to the output current of the charger, the quality of the charging cable, and the reliability of the connection between the charging cable and the charging interface of the mobile phone. In the case of a fixed charger, a high-quality charging line, interface standard, and specification , there will be no virtual connection, the loss on the charging line is very low, which will significantly speed up the charging speed of the mobile phone. Of course, many people now like to use long data lines. The longer the line, the higher the resistance, the slower the charging speed will be.

At present, there are two general directions for increasing the charging speed: one is to increase the voltage, and the other is to increase the current. Increasing the voltage will increase the amount of heat generated during the charging process, accelerate the aging of the battery and may pose a safety hazard, so the actual effect is not good. In contrast, increasing the current is more realistic.

VOOC flash charging technology uses a low voltage and high current mode to ensure safety during charging. Qualcomm's QC fast charge is also achieved by increasing the current and voltage. The same is true for MediaTek Pump Express Plus, which allows the charger to determine the initial voltage required for charging according to the current. Huawei used 5V/4.5A before. The same is true for fast charging.

However, the recent 40W fast charge adopts the 10V/4A fast charge design. Relatively speaking, the voltage is relatively large. Regarding the safety issue, this is not a concern, because the design of the mobile phone charger has to pass the national quality certification center and is certified as 3C digital. If the charger is dangerous, the quality certification center can't pass it. In addition, it is now whether it is Huawei 40W fast charge or OPPO 35 minutes full charge double battery power supply, all passed the Rhine certification. So, with these two processes, plus the protection circuit of the phone itself is not dangerous.

to sum up

The voltage and current of the charger actually depend on the adapter, because the adapter is the core, and the power cord, although not original, can be quickly charged, but the original quality is still a lot different from the speed, so the original charger Charging is the safest. However, the data line is generally bad, although the adapter is also damaged, but relatively few, the purchase of the data line to buy an original or good quality, can also achieve the effect of fast charging.

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Which is the best choice for wireless headphones and wired headphones?

In fact, wireless headsets, especially Bluetooth wireless headsets, have long existed in the market. Until Apple introduced the first generation of airpods a few years ago, this market will be officially opened. Previously, we used 3.5mm headphone jacks. This way has become the mainstream, headphones are basically the same, so there are many people who collect 3.5mm headphone cable, which is our common wired headset. I went to 2019, Apple Center updated the second generation product, then The growth of the market, should the headset be wired or wireless?

In the long run, wireless headsets are the future, but now wireless headsets have no way to completely replace cable. However, this trend is becoming more and more obvious. It can be seen that the current flagship mobile phones, most of the flagship machines are basically canceling the 3.5 mm headphone jack, on the one hand for waterproofing, and on the other hand for the mobile phone. Thinner, reduce the opening of the phone, although the headset is not the only audio output, but it is obviously the most common, and is the most used, so the trend is very obvious.

Let's take a look at the movements of headset manufacturers. Mobile phone manufacturers are no exception. Almost every mobile phone manufacturer has launched its own wireless headsets, and even many professional headset manufacturers, they are gradually introducing wireless headsets, including Sony, Goethe, AKG. Traditional audio companies such as Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, and Monster have introduced wireless headsets more or less. This trend is very obvious, which means that manufacturers are gradually putting down their wired headsets.

What do you choose for wired headsets and wireless headsets? After all, the trend is very obvious, but it does not mean that the wired headset will be eliminated immediately, because his advantages are still very obvious.

First of all, the first point is of course the sound quality is particularly good. Compared with the current wireless headphones, the sound quality of the wired headphones is of course better, but we also need to see that the wireless headphones continue to improve in terms of protocols, Bluetooth, etc., and the future is not without. May be more than wired. However, time may be longer.

The second point is that the connection is more stable. After all, the wireless headset is wireless Bluetooth, so the instability is very normal, especially for other inferior headphones, the sound of the left and right ears is not equal. This is very common, if it is synchronous. As long as you use the wireless headset to watch the video, you can feel the sound and picture are not synchronized. Speaking of it, if the current wireless headset is used in a chicken game, you may crash.

The third point is that wired headsets generally do not need to be charged. It is necessary to know that wireless headsets generally need to be charged. If there is no power, it is really equal to white tears, but wired headsets do not have this problem, so there are still marketable wired headsets. .

Then talk about the advantages of wireless headphones:

The first point is of course convenient. There is no entanglement of the thread. You can take out the wireless earphones from your pocket and take it out at any time. It is more convenient to wear at any time.

The second point is more functions. This is actually a relatively limited headset. After all, the wireless headset is generally for mobile phones. Its connection can be directly matched with the mobile APP, which can release hands and even many wireless headphones. It also achieved the support of the e-wallet voice assistant wake up, this future imagination is particularly large.

The third point is that it is more suitable for sports. Wired headphones can of course be exercised, but it is not convenient.

The fourth point is in terms of battery life, this is a short board, but with the introduction of fast charging, the progress of the chip, this is actually not a problem.

So to sum up, if you want a more stable connection, better sound quality, in the current situation, wired headphones are of course the first choice, but this also faces the risk of being eliminated in the future, that is, after you buy it, or It is said that second-hand low-priced sales, or you will be hidden as a collection, so in terms of future trends, it is unwise to choose wired headphones, wireless headphones must be the future trend.

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Why do you have to choose the Type-c interface when buying a mobile phone?

The Type-C interface of mobile phones is believed to be familiar to everyone. Since the introduction of the Type-C interface standard in 2015, the Type-C interface has become popular in 2016, and the flagship mobile phones have begun to match the Type-C interface, giving up the commonly used MicroUSB interface. Nowadays more and more mobile phone interfaces have been replaced by Type-c interfaces. Why do you have to choose the Type-c interface to buy a mobile phone? What is going on?

Speaking of the history of USB, it has been roughly divided into three versions: USB 1.0, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Since its introduction in April 2000, USB 2.0 has been conquered for 17 years in the field of digital devices. From the early Mini-USB data line, it has gradually upgraded to a smaller interface, space saving, and a high-life and high-intensity Micro-USB interface.

With the advent of the USB 3.0 era, the Type-c interface has also come out. The Type-C interface is much better in performance than the previous Micro-USB interface. The shape of the Type-C is similar to the long oval shape, so its solution is solved. The world's most difficult problem since the emergence of the USB interface, the Type-C interface "does not distinguish between directions, both positive and negative."

So why do you want to buy a mobile phone must choose the Type-c interface, the real reason behind it?

On the one hand, the Type-C interface supports blind insertion. It is very convenient to insert directly without having to distinguish between front and back. The previous Android phones used Micro-USB interfaces. If you don't pay attention to the front and back, it will easily cause wear on the phone interface. The type-c interface does not have this problem, the type-c interface can be positively and negatively blindly inserted, and the real solution to the original kind of motion can not be inserted, the loose interface does not move loose.

On the other hand, the Type-C interface has a fast transfer speed. Most of the previous Android phones use the USB2.0 interface. Generally, the power of the Micro-USB interface is 5w, and the charging power of the type-c interface can reach 100w. The speed is not a little bit, and the charging speed is fast. So that most users and manufacturers give up the micro interface, after all, charging speed is a pursuit of many people.

More importantly, the type-c interface not only supports blind insertion, fast transmission speed, but also can transmit video and audio. In this era of simple and simple pursuit, mobile phone manufacturers have been striving to make the interface of the mobile phone as small as possible, just right type- The c interface can transmit video and audio, and the transmission quality is also high. The mobile phone with Type-C interface can also be made lighter and thinner, so the natural type-c interface is popular.

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How to understand the relationship between OPPO and vivo?

OPPO and vivo are dubbed as blue and green factories in the workshop. Of course, this is mainly because OPPO's trademark is green, and vivo's trademark is blue. Together with the teacher's door, the two product lines, marketing, The product chain, such as design, is almost the same, so the two brands are often put together.

For now, OPPO and vivo can be said to have nothing to do with each other. Although there are quite a few common shareholders, the equity institutions and operations are independent and there is no affiliation, although some of the market channels will cooperate. But more is still more competition, after all, the peers are the family. Therefore, the two brands are both cooperative and competitors.

We all know that these two brands belong to the BBK Group. It is said that BBK Group has to talk about Duan Yongping, the founder of BBK. Speaking of Duan Yongping, some people may not know, but when it comes to "small bully learning machine", it is as good as it is. In the 1990s, Duan Yongping graduated from the university and entered the township and small factory, which is the predecessor of Xiaobawang Company. After the efforts of Duan Yongping, the small factory's three-year output value reached RMB 1 billion, and it was officially named “Zhongshan Bawang Electronic Industry Company”. The bully became a microcosm of Duan Yongping.

Later, due to the business philosophy, Duan Yongping and Xiao Bawang "peacely broke up." Then Duan Yongping went to Dongguan to establish the BBK company. BBK's main business is reading machines, VCDs, DVDs and BBK music phones. At the beginning of 1999, BBK was split into three companies with independent ownership and non-affiliation. Today, the head of BBK Mobile Phone Company is responsible for the communication business; Huang Yihe is responsible for the education of electronic business and has now retired; Chen Mingyong is responsible for the audiovisual business.

In 2001, Duan Yongping worked as a medium, and three backgammon companies spent a total of 30 million yuan to register OPPO. However, Shen Yu and Huang Yihe did not intend to join OPPO, so Chen Mingyong bought out the OPPO brand. Later, the BBK audio-visual company closed down. The original 2-3 employees were added to OPPO. This is the predecessor of Guangdong Opal Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

In the era of functional machines, BBK was named after BBK. It is the main music phone. The BGM music phone BGM was everywhere, but after entering the era of smart phones, it began to reform. In 2011, due to the development of BBK's business, BBK launched a brand new smartphone brand, vivo, which is now Guangdong Weiwo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., and the company is fully responsible for it.

For today, the OPPP mobile phone is the Opal Mobile Company. The VIVO mobile phone is a smart phone brand launched by BBK in 2011. At the beginning, it was called BBK VIVO, and then gradually removed the BBK. Therefore, Duan Yongping has a stake in the vivo company, about 10%, which is equivalent to the shares held by the company's chairman Shen Yu. However, because Chen Mingyong bought out the stake in OPPO, Duan Yongping has no relationship with OPPO.

To put it simply, the BBK Group is no longer there. Only Education Electronics has a brand that retains BBK, but it is also trying to make it autonomous. BBK mobile phones can be understood as the predecessor of vivo. After all, it is the main music, and oppo It was established by BBK executives, and the name has been used from the functional machine to the intelligent machine era.

From this history, we can see that BBK, vivo and oppo are the result of changes in the development of the times, including the same. It is inevitable that every time you encounter an electronic product, everyone’s philosophy is different. It is very normal. As for the OV approach, it is probably because it is also working in the BBK Group, which is deeply influenced by Duan Yongping and BBK.

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In order to catch up with the pace of Amazon, Google Cloud began to pay for the acquisition

Google announced on Tuesday that it will acquire cloud storage service provider Elastifile. This is another acquisition by Google Cloud Computing under the leadership of the new CEO, Thomas Kurian. However, Google did not give a specific price for the deal in the official press release, but said it expects to complete the deal later this year.

On June 6 this year, Google announced that it would acquire data analysis software company Looker for $2.6 billion in cash and merge the company into Google Cloud, the largest acquisition of Google's cloud business to date. It is reported that as a business intelligence platform (BI, Business Intelligence), Looker has received the $81.5 million Series D financing led by venture capital Capital G, owned by Google's parent company Alphabet. Google Cloud CEO has publicly stated that Google Cloud is catching up with AWS, the cloud market leader, and investing more in its own cloud business.

It is worth noting that Microsoft also attempted to catch up with Amazon in the field of cloud computing. Last month, Microsoft and Oracle reached a cooperation agreement. According to the agreement between Microsoft and Oracle, the two parties will work together on the cloud computing services of the two companies by establishing a high-speed connection between the data centers of the two companies. The connection will begin in the eastern United States and then expand to other areas. In addition, the two parties also said that after the cooperation, the common corporate customers can log in to any company's services with a single user name and receive technical support from the corresponding company. The combination of Microsoft and Oracle will bring new threats to AWS.

Oracle sees Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) as its main competitor in the database market, which is no longer a secret in the industry. And Microsoft's influence in the global technology circle is not to be underestimated. Although there is still some consensus on the details of the cooperation between the two, the two cloud businesses fit together, like the research firm Gartner analyst Ed. As analyzed by Ed Anderson, Amazon cloud services may suffer "a big hit."

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Google Amazon “armistice”: open video services to the other device

Google and Amazon are among the top four Internet giants in the world, and in recent years there has been direct competition in more and more areas. Previously, the two companies launched a "war" to block their own hardware video services.

According to the latest news from foreign media, on July 9th, Amazon and Google ended the "war state", and YouTube's original video service YouTube resumed on Amazon's set-top box.

Google announced on the same day that YouTube Kids and YouTube Live TV will be available to Amazon hardware later this year.

In response, Amazon Video's online video service Prime Video will also be available on Google Video device Chromecast products and Android TV platform devices.

According to reports, Google initially promised to re-launch YouTube on Amazon's set-top box in April this year.

In December 2017, as Google and Amazon's competition in online video began to heat up, Google cancelled support for YouTube services.

As a retaliatory measure, Amazon's website has stopped selling Google's hardware products, such as Google's smart speakers and Nest cameras, which compete with Amazon's Echo speakers and Amazon's Ring cameras.

Later, the two companies began to show signs of easing. For example, still does not sell Google smart speakers, but has already started selling the smart home hardware of the Google Nest brand.

In order to circumvent Google's blockade, a third-party YouTube app has appeared on Amazon's set-top box Fire TV device, but it only takes users to the YouTube site and does not provide a complete video viewing experience.

After reopening, the new YouTube app will support 4K HDR streaming, and users can ask Alexa Voice Assistant to play videos or control content from the service.

YouTube will be available on the TVs of the Fire TV Stick, TV Cube and Toshiba, Element, Insignia and Westinghouse on Tuesday, with Amazon's Fire TV software installed.

Once upon a time, Amazon was a professional e-commerce site, and Google was the world's largest web search service provider. The two giants seemed to be "well water does not make rivers." But today, both companies have undergone massive diversification and expansion, forming direct competition in more and more fields, including cloud computing, network video, voice assistants, smart speakers, online music services, video playback hardware, and Internet products. Advertising, etc.

It is worth mentioning that in the field of smart speakers, Google has adopted a strategy of quickly imitating the Amazon product line, launched smart speakers of different price and different sizes, and now the global smart speaker market has been dominated by Google and Amazon.

In the past, Amazon also launched smartphones and competed with Google’s own mobile phones for the market. However, Amazon’s mobile phone project failed, and products have been discontinued.

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Google acknowledges that some partners have leaked more than 1,000 confidential conversation recordings

Google has admitted on Thursday (7.11) that some partners have leaked more than 1,000 copies of conversations between customers and Google Assistant to a Belgian news site.

Companies such as Google and Amazon (2011, 9.93, 0.50%) use these conversations to improve the voice response capabilities of their Assistant services, and conversations should be confidential.

But the Belgian news site VRT said on Wednesday that a contractor provided a sample of such a dialogue, and the website used the samples to identify some of them. The VRT website also checks what type of conversation information Google collects when it says "OK Google" on a mobile phone or Google Home product. In addition, VRT also heard information such as customer address in the conversation. Sources who have spoken with the site also said they heard a recording of a conversation with a sad woman and a recording of people talking about medical conditions.

Google has now admitted that there are indeed conversational recordings leaked.

“We just learned that a language inspector leaked confidential Dutch audio data, which violated our data security policy,” said David Monsee, Google search product manager. “Our Security and Privacy Response team is investigating this matter and we will take action. We are conducting a comprehensive review of our safeguards in this area to prevent similar misconduct from happening again.”

Monsi said that Google's partners can only hear "about 0.2% of all audio clips" and said that the information "is not related to the user account." However, VRT recognizes the identity of the interlocutor in certain audio segments.

Google Assistant users can easily delete their own voice history.

When a user talks to Amazon's voice assistant service, Alexa, Amazon also collects voice clips and analyzes them manually. However, users can prevent Alexa from using this information to improve Amazon's services and delete their own historical recordings.

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After Amazon, Google smart speakers also exposed privacy issues

The Irish Data Privacy Regulatory Authority may investigate Google. Earlier, the Belgian broadcast VRT said that Google hired contractors to listen to the audio obtained by its intelligent voice assistant.

Graham Doyle, spokesperson for the Irish Data Protection Council, said the agency received a Google notice of violation on Thursday night. Google responded in a blog post on Thursday after the Belgian broadcaster VRT reported that contractors could listen to conversations with people talking to Google Assistant.

The Irish regulator is Google's main privacy regulator in the European Union. If it finds a serious violation, the agency may impose a high fine on Google in accordance with the latest data protection rules of the European Union.

Irish data protection commissioner Helen Dixon said in an interview last month that she conducted about 20 surveys of large technology companies, including WhatsApp and Instagram platforms owned by Twitter, Apple and Facebook.

Google said in a blog post on Thursday that it is working with language experts to help improve its home digital assistant. They "review and transcribe a small set of query data to help us better understand these languages," which is "a key part of the process of building speech technology and a necessary condition for creating products such as Google Assistant."

Google also said: "We just learned that one of the language auditors leaked confidential Dutch audio data, which violates our data security policy. Our security and privacy response team has been activated on this issue, right The matter is investigated and action will be taken. We are conducting a comprehensive review of the safeguards on this issue to prevent this misconduct from happening again."

In fact, Google is not the first technology giant to expose privacy issues. Previously, the popular Amazon smart speaker Echo was also experiencing similar problems.

Amazon employs thousands of people around the world to help improve Alexa voice assistants and power their Echo line of speakers. This huge team listened to the recordings captured in the Echo owners' homes and offices. These recordings are transcribed, annotated, and fed back into the software. The Amazon team aims to eliminate Alexa's understanding of human language and help it better respond to consumer voice commands.

According to reports, listeners will hear what Echo users prefer to keep their privacy: for example, a woman who sings an unpleasant song in a shower, or a child who screams for help. In addition, these staff members often hear frustrating conversations and may even be the voice of the criminal process.

Earlier this year, the US media "The Intercept" reported that employees of Amazon's subsidiary RING manually identified vehicles and personnel in the video taken by the company's doorbell camera in order to better train the software to do the job themselves. .

Florian Schaub, a professor at the University of Michigan, who is an expert on the privacy of smart speakers, said: "You don't necessarily think of another person who is interested in listening to you. I think we are used to the assumption that these machines are only Do magical machine learning. But the truth is that human employees still need to deal with it."

He added: "Does this involve privacy issues, depending on how cautious Amazon and other companies are about the types of information they manually annotate and how they present this information to others."

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Gartner: Global Q2 PC sales rose 1.5% Lenovo’s market share first

Research firm Gartner announced that PC sales in the second quarter of the world rose 1.5% to 63 million units, mainly due to Microsoft's introduction of Window 10 operating system, driving demand for computer replacement.

Gartner senior analyst Mikako Kitagawa said that the shortage of Intel chips has improved, which is one of the reasons for the sales of personal computers.

In terms of market share, Lenovo Group ranked first with 25%, HP ranked second with 22.2%, third with Dell accounting for 16.9%, and Apple with 5.9%.

US technology media VentureBeat cited research firm Gartner and IDC data, saying that the PC market rebounded slightly in the second quarter of this year. After six years of PC shipments fell in six quarters, the situation in 2018 was mixed, with negative, positive and positive growth rates in each quarter. The situation in 2019 was roughly the same: negative growth in the first quarter and positive growth in the second quarter.

Gartner and IDC analysts pointed out that Windows 10's siege in the commercial market has slightly boosted PC growth in the previous quarter. But IDC warned that this situation will not continue.

Gartner predicts that global PC shipments will increase by 1.5% in the second quarter of 2019 to 63 million units. The top six vendors are Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer and Asus.

Gartner also found that only the top three PC shipments increased in the top six. The rest of the market players fell 6.7%.

Lenovo surpassed HP. Dell's growth has slowed, but at least it is still growing.

"There are signs that Intel's CPU shortage is easing, and this has had an impact on the market in the past 18 months," Gartner chief analyst Mikako Kitagawa said in a statement. "The shortage is mainly affected. Small suppliers, because large suppliers can take advantage of this situation and continue to grow, taking market share away from small suppliers who have difficulty getting CPU."

IDC expects global PC shipments to grow by 4.7% to 64.90 million units by the second quarter of 2019. Among the IDC forecast results, the top five vendors in terms of performance are Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Apple.

IDC also found that Lenovo ranked first, HP ranked second, and Dell ranked in the top three. All three companies are showing growth, but Lenovo is clearly ahead. The remaining markets grew by 4.9%.

IDC research director Jitesh Ubrani said in a statement: "With the approach of Windows 7 End of Service (EOS) in January 2020, the market has entered the business from Windows 7 to Windows 10 The final phase of the migration. However, when Windows XP encounters EOS, shutting down the service is unlikely to lead to a sales boom because we have two quarters before the migration. However, PC manufacturers hope to migrate in the next few quarters. The successful completion of the market can create new business opportunities for the market."

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