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How to Replace a Cell Phone Battery (For example SONY Xperia Z1) ?

With mobile phones being so ubiquitous and constantly in use, replacing parts to keep yourself connected becomes commonplace.

You may need to replace your cell phone battery due to water damage or due to the battery being unable to hold a full charge.

This tutorial focuses on how to replace the smart phone battery for SONY Xperia Z1.

There are many models of Sony cell phones on the market---you need to determine which model you have in order to find the proper replacement battery. You will also need to remove the old battery before being able to insert the new Sony phone battery.

First things , buy a new mobile phone battery

SONY LIS1525ERPC battery

SONY LIS1525ERPC battery Detail Info:

Battery Type: Li-ion
BrandSONY laptop battery
Voltage: 3.8V
Capacity: 3000mah
Part Number:: LIS1525ERPC
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!

The first thing you need to do after determining you need a new mobile phone battery is to purchase one. There are several solutions to this.

Take the phone to your carrier to get a replacement
Use your user manual to contact the manufacturer or go to their website to order direct
Search online for replacement (e.g. look up replacement battery for SONY Rumor Touch)
If nothing is coming up or there are multiple batteries on a search, follow the steps below to access your battery and use the serial number to search specifically for what you need.
Typically you can find better deals searching the internet, but be wary, a cheap knockoff battery could result in you replacing your battery sooner. It is always best to replace electronic batteries with the manufacturers battery.

Step 1: Powering down your mobile phone

Step 2: Removing your cellphone battery cover

Step 3: Removing the battery from your cellphone

Step 4: Replace the battery on your cellphone

Step 5: Charging a new cellphone battery