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Extend the life of your computer – software maintenance

(1) Make a backup of all system software. When an abnormal situation or some accidental reason is encountered, the system software may be damaged. In this case, the software system needs to be reinstalled. If there is no backup system software, it will make it difficult for the computer to resume work.

(2) Backups should also be made for important applications and data.

(3) Economic attention to clean up useless files on the disk to effectively utilize disk space.

(4) Avoid illegal software copying.

(5) Regular testing to prevent viruses from being transmitted by computers.


Extend the life of your computer – hardware maintenance

(1) At all times, the connection between the power cable and the signal cable should be ensured to be firm and reliable;

(2) Regularly clean the head of the floppy disk drive (eg three months, half a year, etc.);

(3) The computer should always be in a state of motion, avoiding long periods of idleness;

(4) When powering on, you should first power on the external device, then power on the host; turn off the host first, then turn off the external devices. After booting, you can't shut down immediately. After shutting down, you can't turn it on immediately. The interval should be 10 seconds. the above;

(5) When the floppy disk drive is reading and writing, the floppy disk cannot be forcibly removed, and the bare disk surface should not be touched normally;

(6) When performing keyboard operation, do not use excessive force on the keystroke, otherwise it will affect the life of the keyboard;

(7) The ribbon of the printer should be changed in time. When the color of the ribbon is very light, especially if the color is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to avoid impurities contaminating the needle of the printer and affecting the flexibility of the printing needle.

(8) Always pay attention to clean the dust inside the machine and wipe the keyboard and the surface of the chassis. When the computer is not in use, cover the dust cover;

(9) Do not move the host and other external devices at will during power-on.


How to extend the life of your computer

The high-temperature household computer has been used for a long time, the temperature inside the machine rises, and the heat is difficult to dissipate, which may cause the semiconductor material to age and the circuit to be short-circuited. Therefore, the use time should not exceed 4 hours. If it must be used for more than 4 hours, you can turn off the rest for a while and let the computer cool down. In order to avoid overheating of the computer, do not let the sun shine directly, and do not get close to the heat source such as heating, electric furnace and air conditioner. Generally speaking, the ambient temperature of a home computer is preferably between 16 ° C and 26 ° C.

Excessive humidity in the moisture-proof room can cause condensation on the surface of the machine, causing corrosion and mold on the solder joints of the components inside the machine, causing open circuit or short circuit. The disk will also be mildewed due to unsuitable humidity, causing the stored information to be destroyed. At the same time, using a moldy disk can also cause damage to the drive. Therefore, in mildew rain and rainy days, it should be constantly energized to remove the moisture inside the computer.

Low-temperature household computers often fail to work below 0 °C, and are prone to failure. If they are used, thermal air-conditioning should be used to keep them working at normal temperatures.

Anti-smoke dust is the enemy of home computers, it may infiltrate the most important storage device of the computer - the hard disk, causing great damage to the hard disk. Therefore, when using a computer, smoking must be prohibited; after using the computer, it is best to let it cool for a while, then cover the dust cover; when there is too much dust on the screen, it is best to use an anhydrous alcohol cotton ball from the center of the screen. Wipe; keyboard and chassis should also be regularly dusted. Dust removal should be carried out under power failure.

Anti-noise All noise sources such as motor roar, mechanical vibration, whistle, and speaker startup can affect the operation of the computer and cause data loss and transmission errors. Therefore, the computer should be placed in a quiet place.

The internal components of the anti-vibration computer are mostly connectors or mechanical structures, which will loosen them under vibration conditions, which will affect the whole machine. Therefore, the home computer should be placed on a dedicated workbench to avoid shock.

Anti-magnetic can not be placed around the magnetic items such as color TV, stereo, telephone, electric fan. Because they generate electromagnetic fields when they work, they can cause damage to the information on the disk.

The anti-voltage fluctuation household computer should generally work under the condition of 220V±10% voltage. If the voltage is too high or too low, the computer will be overloaded or out of control. Therefore, it is best to have a regulated power supply and an uninterruptible power supply UPS for qualified families. The computer power supply and the household appliance power supply should be separated as much as possible to reduce the fluctuation of the starting voltage and peak current of the electric appliance to the computer.

The lightning protection computer is the electronic device most afraid of lightning strikes. Because the computer has no resistance to the static electricity released by the lightning, the computer component often has a fault that is not easy to find due to the interference of static electricity. Therefore, computer users should not only have the protection of building lightning protection devices, but also have to specially equipped the computer with a lightning arrester that can prevent atmospheric induction electricity. It can also be equipped with anti-static carpet in the computer room. However, in the case of bad weather caused by lightning, it is best not to use a computer, and should unplug the computer power to ensure safety.

Once an anti-virus computer is infected with a virus, it will affect the normal operation of the computer, and then eliminate the disk data and cause the entire computer system to crash. Therefore, the computer must be anti-virus, the main method is to use the special machine to use the special disk, refuse to use other people's floppy disk; for the newly purchased system and software, must carry out virus check; important data in the system should be backed up regularly; do not let the computer execute the calendar Unknown procedures, etc.

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