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Brand New Battery For SONY VGP-BPS39

Brand New Battery For SONY VGP-BPS39, laptop battery specifications(Li-ion, 3860mAh/28.95Wh ,7.5V), lowest price and 30 days money back, 1-year warranty. 100% compatible with Sony Vaio Tap 11 SVT11 Tested .
Battery » VGP-BPS39

SONY VGP-BPS39 Battery Pack [3860mAh/28.95Wh, 7.5V]

SONY VGP-BPS39 battery

Teach you how to do here:
1. When first time using SONY VGP-BPS39 battery, Please carefully read the user manual about Battery maintain parts.
2. Please fully charge at most 12 hours in first SONY VGP-BPS39 battery charge time. Bcause it is need three/four times for charge/discharge cycles to get the maximum capacity of battery.
3. If without using notebook long time(more than 3 weeks) or found that your SONY VGP-BPS39 battery charge/discharge time become shorter and shorter, you have to fully discharge the battery before next time charge again.
4. It is better to keep the laptop power off during charge the SONY VGP-BPS39 battery pack. And don't unplugged power or using your notebook during the battery half-way charge. The best time using is 30 minutes fully charge later.
5. Keep your SONY VGP-BPS39 battery far away from damp,exposure,and erosion some chemical liquids and others to avoid making battery short-circuit.

SONY VGP-BPS39 Can replace the following part numbers:
VGP-BPS39 SONY VGP-BPS39 Fits the Following Models:
Sony Vaio Tap 11 SVT11213CXB

Q:How do I extend the life of my laptop battery?

  • + New SONY VGP-BPS39 Battery Pack must be fully charged before use.If you don't use your laptop for a period of time,you must fully discharge then recharge the SONY battery.
  • + Always use a SONY laptop on a hard surface. Don’t put it on your lap (despite its name) or on thermal insulating materials such as cushions. If you like to work in bed with your laptop, I recommend using a laptop table. I have this one, and I am quite content with it.
  • + Try to avoid charging the battery while you are working with the laptop. Charging the SONY batteries increases your laptop’s temperature. The problem is that the CPU, the graphics card and the hard disk also heat up your laptop, which adds to the temperature increase experienced when charging the VGP-BPS39 battery. Many vendors deliver their laptops with software that allows you to disable charging. You also can remove the SONY battery while you are working on AC current.
  • + Make sure the laptop’s ventilation can always work properly. Don’t place objects before the ventilation systems opening. Don’t run or charge the laptop while it is in its case.
  • + Don’t leave the laptop in the car or under the sun in summer. Use a bike. It keeps your 
    3860mAh/28.95Wh 7.5V SONY

    laptop battery cool and your own battery healthy. And too much sun exposure causes only skin cancer anyway.

DE:VGP-BPS39 Akku Billiger Ersatzakku Sony Vaio Tap 11 SVT11 Tested
Batterijen Sales Nederland / België Sony VGP-BPS39 ACCU >>

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Laptop power adaptors and chargers are necessary accessories that enable the charging of such portable devices. Adaptors and charges aren’t created equal, which is why you should always be looking for premium quality. Each of the Laptop Battery Express adaptors has been chosen because of its quality and affordability. You can rest assured that you’re getting access to some of the best replacement items on the market.
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DELL VH748 51.2Wh 11.4V battery replacement for Dell Vostro V5460 V5470 V5560 14-5439 51.2Wh 11.4V

DELL VH748 51.2Wh 11.4V - Brand new DELL battery replacement for Dell Vostro V5460 V5470 V5560 14-5439 51.2Wh 11.4V.We guarantee your DELL VH748 laptop battery transaction will be 100% safe, We value your privacy and keep your order and personal information safe. DELL VH748 laptop battery worked as expected

DELL VH748 Battery 51.2Wh 11.4V

Replacement for Dell Vostro V5460 V5470 V5560 14-5439 Laptop has many satisfied customers throughout the world. We offer our products according to three main principles:
• Low prices
• High quality products
• Fast delivery
We stock our website with the latest products, the best deals---and plenty of information to help you decide for yourself.
You can power your Laptop with this Lithium-Ion Battery from Notebook Battery Store New Zealand

DELL VH748 battery

DELL VH748 battery Detail Info:

Battery Type: Li-ion
BrandDELL laptop battery
Voltage: 11.4V
Capacity: 51.2Wh
Color: black
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!

Press "Ctrl+F" to find the right DELL notebook batteries for you.
DELL VH748 battery Fit Models:

Fit Laptop Models :
Dell Inspiron 14 5439 Series
Ins14zD-3526 Ins14zD-3528 Ins14zD-3528T
Dell Vostro 5460 5470 5560 Series
Dell Vostro 5460 Series
V5460D-1308 V5460D-1318 V5460D-1518 V5460D-1618 V5460D-2328S V5460R-2306 V5460D-2308S
V5460D-2426 V5460R-2526 V5460D-2528S V5460D-2528R V5460R-2626 V5460D-2628
Dell Vostro 5470 Series
5470D-1328 5470D-1528 5470R-1528 5470D-1728 5470D-2328 5470D-2528
Dell Vostro 5560 Series
5560R-1326 5560D-1328 5560D-1526 5560D-1528 5560D-2328 5560D-2526 5560R-2526 5560D-2528

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Our Promises: is an online marketplace of replacement batteries and other products. We promise all the products sold in our website are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship - We never sell used or refurbished batteries. Shopping with us is safe and secure. If you are not satisfied with our products for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

How Can I Maximize My DELL VH748 Laptop Battery Performance?

New DELL VH748 batteries come in a discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge your new battery two to four times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.

1. Don't forget to charge your replacement DELL Laptop Battery fully after receiving it because batteries may discharge during storing and shipping.
2. Do not expose DELL VH748 parts to water or other moist matters.
3. Every 6 months you should take out your battery and clean the contacts that connect to the laptop. You can use a cloth with rubbingalcohol to achieve this.
4. Do not pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the Dell Vostro V5460 V5470 V5560 14-5439 rechargeable laptop battery pack.
5. Don't left laptop battery for DELL VH748 unused for a long time or place it in device for a long period of time, if the device is not used.

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12V Car Heater
Playstation 3 component cable nz
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SONY LIS1499ERPC Battery 1780mAh 3.7DVC Replacement for SONY LT30 LT30p Xperia T

SONY LIS1499ERPC battery replacement for SONY LT30 LT30p Xperia T Xperia TL BDRG guarantee your SONY LIS1499ERPC laptop battery transaction will be 100% safe, We value your privacy and keep your order and personal information safe.

SONY LIS1499ERPC Battery 1780mAh 3.7DVC,Replacement for SONY LT30 LT30p Xperia T Xperia TL BDRG Laptop

We have great experience selling batteries around the world. We can supply you with virtually any replacement battery for PDAs, smartphones, GPS devices, MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops and much more.
Every year, many devices are needlessly thrown away. Our batteries prolong the life span of your devices for several years. This means lower depreciation costs for you.
Poorly performing batteries cause frustration for your employees. Replacement batteries take away these frustrations and therefore contribute to a higher productivity.
If your employees work on the move on a regular basis, a battery with extended capacity can double the available mobile work time.
You contribute to a better environment by replacing a device later. A new SONY LIS1499ERPC battery gives your device a new lease of life and at the same time you help to reduce the amount of waste.
You can power your Laptop with this Lithium-Ion Battery from Notebook Battery Store New Zealand

SONY LIS1499ERPC battery

SONY LIS1499ERPC battery Detail Info:

Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 3.7DVC
Capacity: 1780mAh
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!

SONY LIS1499ERPC battery

Press "Ctrl+F" to find the right SONY notebook batteries for you.
SONY LIS1499ERPC battery Fit Models:

Fit Laptop Models :
SONY LT30p Xperia T Xperia TL

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Cheap 1MHZ-8000MHZ GSM Bug RF Signal Detector Finder Anti-spy
Cheap Wii Motion Plus Motionplus For Wii Remote + SKIN Ros
Cheap DV-35 LED Camera Video Light For LEGRIA HF FS XF EOS 60D 7D 5D SONY DCR HDR
Cheap HD-PW4101 2.5" 4 Bay SATA HDD Power Switcher for Floppy Rack Slot Black
Cheap NEW 2012 Spy Smoke Alarm Camera Video Mini DVR Hidden Covert Up To 32GB

How Can I Maximize My SONY LIS1499ERPC Laptop Battery Performance?

New SONY LIS1499ERPC batteries come in a discharged condition and must be fully charged before use. It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge your new battery two to four times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.
Keep your replacement SONY Laptop Battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-ion batteries which do not suffer from the memory effect.
It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. This helps maintain a good connection between the SONY LIS1499ERPC battery and your portable device.
Do not leave your laptop battery for SONY LT30 LT30p Xperia T Xperia TL BDRG dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks. If a battery has not been used for a long period of time, perform the new battery break in procedure described above.
microsoft surface
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Car Charger Remote for iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4G 4S iPod Touch

Cheap FM Transmitter +Car Charger Remote for iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4G 4S iPod Touch in NZ

LED Light in NZ> >
LED Light in UK


Column Shape, black.
High fidelity stereo, digital PLL
Small electric current,power supply by iPod & iPhone
Woking powered by iPhone or iPod, no battery needed.
Also can charge for iPhone or
iPod through vehicle cigarette lighter adapter.
LCD display with blue background lighting.
The unit includes a remote controller which
can be used to control both the FM
transmitter itself and audio functions
for the iPhone or iPod.
Band: FM Transmitter
Frequency range: 88.1-107.9MHz, 0.1 MHz/Step

iPhone 3GS,iPhone 3G,iPhone & all
iPod(included Nano G3,G4 & G5,
Classic,Touch/Touch2),except iPhone shuffle

NOTE: If the FM signal is interrupted,
please set the frequency of the FM
transmitter and the FM tuner to the other frequency

Color: Black
Item size: 41*26*19mm
Net weight: 46g
Package weight: 56g

Packing Content:
1 x FM Transmitter
1 x Cigarette lighter adapter
1 x Remote Control >> All Electronic >> FM Transmitter +Car Charger Remote for iPhone 3G 3GS 4 4G 4S iPod Touch


YN140 YN-140 LED Camera Lamp Video light for Canon Nikon

Cheap Yongnuo YN140 YN-140 LED Camera Lamp Video light for Canon Nikon Camers
in NZ

LED Light in NZ> >
LED Light in UK


Adjustable color temperature ranging from 3200k to 6000k

Constant current output and stable light, with no stroboflash or jittering

Combine flash and always on to record videos and take photos

High brightness LED

Ultra-thin design making it portable

The pure copper fixed stand makes it more stable and mountable

 to hot shoe socket, and professional lamp holder

The camera lamp can be connected to the flash trigger through the

 PC interface to realize off camera flash triggering

Brand new design to make it more beautiful, decent, comfortable and professional


Compatible battery models: NP-F330, NP-F530F550F570, NP-F730F750F770, NP-F930F950F960F970, 6 AA Alkaline batteries or AA Ni-MH batteries

Light t Source: 140 High-brightness LED lights

Power: 9W

Mode: Flash or Always On

Flash Sync speed: 1/250s

Lumen: 1000lm

Color Temperature Range: 3200-6000K

Fixed Color Temperature: L1(3200K), L2(6000K), L(4500K)

Color Rendering Index: 85%

Luminance angle: 55 degree

LED Lamp Average Service Life: 20000hours

Weight: 258g

Size: 123*95*23mm(Battery junction box not included)


Package content

1 x Camera Lamp

1 x Lamp Base

1 x Battery Junction Box

1 x Storage Bag

1 x Mini Stand

1 x User Manual in Chinese and English >> All Electronic >> Yongnuo YN140 YN-140 LED Camera Lamp Video light for Canon Nikon Camers

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LED Color Tube Speakers For PSP MP3 MP5 Ipod Laptop

Aputure AL-160 LED Camera Video Light For Canon Nikon

3 LED 3LED dynamo power charge

torch/hand crank wind up flashlight torch Camping

New Bike Bicycle Wheel Spoke Tyre Cap LED Lights Lamps

LED 209AS Video Light KIT Camcorder, DSLR, Camera Lighting


high resolution TFT LCD color display

3.5" high resolution TFT LCD color display

NTSC/PAL auto adaptive

Power-saving mode

Portable design with exquisite appearance, highly integrated and practical

1W louder speaker inside, support video input and output

Support DC12V/500mA power output

Automatic charging function

Power supply: Battery power supply, PC USB port power supply, 5V/2A adapter
power supply
1 x 3.5" Monitor
1 x AV Output Cable
1 x 5V/2.5A Power Adapter (UK plug was out of stock, need to use with plug
1 x BNC to AV Input & 12V Output Cable
1 x I-type Bracket
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x User Manual
Screen TFT 3.5inch?720*480
Power Input 5V�10%, 2A (electric current)
Battery DC3.7V, 2200mAh, Rechargeable lithium battery
Video Signal Format NTSC/PAL (auto adaptation)
Video Output Mode 1.0Vp-p (Full)
Buzzer 8?/1w
Charge time 4-5hours
Power output 12V/500mA
Working temperature -20??+60?
Packing dimention L194mm*W151mm*H83mm
Weight 700g

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Wireless Receiver Baby Monitor

Cheap and Brand New 2.5" Motion Detection Wireless Receiver Baby Monitor

The Cheapest Monitor ,35% off - New Zealand Store

Power: 5V DC input
Lithium battery: 3.7V 1800mAh
LCD panel 2.5"TFT 960 x 240
Video input: NTSC/PAL Composite,1V pk-pk,75ohm
Video output: NTSC/PAL Composite, 1V pk-pk,75ohm
Recording system: MPEG4 or Motion JPEG*
Recording resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA)
Frame rate 1fps, 5fps, 10fps, 15fps, 20fps, 25fps, 30fps
Storage media: SD, SDHC
Max capacity support: 16GByte
Recording starting manner: alarm in, motion detection, reset time recording, manual starting.
* When the frame rate is 1fps or advanced recording function starts, the recording format is Motion JPEG.

System: PAL NTSC
Receiving frequency: CH1:2.414GHz, CH2:2.432GHz, CH3:2.450GHz, CH4:2.468GHz
Voltage of power: 5V
Consumption current: 350mA-550mA
Receiving sensitivity:-88dBm
Antenna input resistance:75ohm
Video output level: 1Vp-p
Audio output level: 1vp-p
Video format:AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VOB, DAT
Memory: Flash memory
Recording mode:Normal play, one repeat, all repeat
Signal noise ratio: >85dB
Screen:High definition LCD(960*234)
Whether storage is convenient: Yes
EMS memory: Support the SD cards with capacity 128/256MB/512MB/1GB ?C 16G
Support languages: English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portugal,Japanese,Dutch,Italian,Russian
Weight: Approximately 150g
Charging time: The charging time of adapter is 4hr
Play time:Play monitoring image generally for 2hr
PC interface type: USB 2.0
Support computer system: Win98SE/ME, Win2000, Win XP
Renewed software:Support
Overall size: W76 * H123 * D25(mm)
Power: Internal lithium battery, power adapter
Box dimension: 160 X 240 X 80 ( L X W X H ) mm

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Wireless Monitor Doorbell High Resolution Camera DVR

This is not a normal doorbell, but the one which has its own "eyes". You do not want to miss some visitors when outside? Are you worried about your home security when go to somewhere or on travel? In order to solve your problem, we will introduce you a new model Wireless Monitor Doorbell. With a build-in hidden camera inside, it can record anything when someone ring up the bell. This will help you to see who knocked your door when you were not at home. Remote wireless paging system, the most distance is 30 Metres. All video and audio files will be save in a memory card. You can see the video when plug the card into your PC.
Note: The receiver should be plugged into the power adapter, and you can listen to the bell ring.


  • Video Recording function, anyone who pressed your doorbell will be recorded by a high clear video clip at high resolution
  • Remote wireless paging system, the most distance is 30 Metres
  • 2 Million pixel coms 1280 x 960, 30FPS
  • External TF card huge capacity 8G
  • High-definition camera, sensor, 2m pixel coms,1280 x 960,30 Fps
  • Battery low indicator ensure it under normal work, and effectively avoid missing any visitor
  • External TF card design, you can read it easily


  • Pels: 2000 thousand CMOS
  • Visual Angle: 65 degree
  • Mini illume: 1 Lux
  • Storage Temperature: -20 degree - 80 degree
  • Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH
  • Capacity: Support 8G(SD card no included)
  • Record: Motion JPEG, record AVI VGA (1280*960 @30 frame/second)
  • System: 2000/XP/VISTA32
  • Consume: 1 GB/40 minute
  • Battery: 2 x AAA Battery(not included)
  • Size: 6.5 X 8 X 2.5 cm

    What is including:

  • 1 x Wireless Monitor Doorbell
  • 1 x Reciever
  • 1 x USB pen driver >> All Electronic >> Wireless Monitor Doorbell High Resolution Camera DVR

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Hunting Fishing Shooting Spot light Spotlight


Talking Alarm Clock LCD Date Temp Travel Digital Backlight Tells Time Temp Black

Baby Child Kids Kid Bath Toy LED Flashing Dolphin Light Bulb Colorful Decor Lamp

Wireless IP

Webcam Camera Night Vision 11 LED WIFI Cam

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New YN-560lll RF Wireless Slave flash gun speedlight lite

Global free FSK 2.4GHz wireless channel. Within capacious areas, the remote control distance may reach to 100m.
Fully support RF-603, RF-602 wireless flash trigger transceiver up to 16 channels
using RF-602/RF-603 2.4G ultra-long-range wireless flash system
Adopted by global users trust the allways RF-602/RF-603 wireless flash
system. Support 2.4G ultra-long-range wireless flash, the lead flashing
distances up to 100 meters above.
Large LCD panel
Power zoom function covered focal length range from 24 to 105mm
GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm supporting multi modes
Providing charging socket for external power pack
PC port supported
Sound prompt system
High speed of charging recycle only 3 seconds in charging after full power output.
Automatic setting saving
Metal hotshoe stand
speeding call back system
Guide number of 58 (at 105mm)
Power control down to 1/128
3 second recycle time at full power
16-channel radio receiver, compatible with RF-602, RF-603
Hotshoe, PC port and dual-mode optical slave (alternative options to radio triggering)
Fresnel head zooms from 24mm to 105mm focal lengths, plus flip-down diffuser panel
Stroboscopic “Multi” flash mode for creative effects
External high voltage battery input socket, to speed up recycle times and increase endurance
User-configurable ready beep
Power supply: 4 x AA size batteries(Alkaline or Ni-MH are usable)
Lighting times: 100 - 1500 times (AA alkaline cell used)
Dimensions: 60 x 190 x 78mm (Extednded state)
Net weight: 350g
EOS5D,5D2 5D Mark II, 1Ds Mark [ IV / III / II / I ], 1D Mark [ III / II N/ II / I],
7D, 60D ,50D, 40D, 30D, 600D, 550D, 500D, 450D, 400D, 350D , 300D,1100D,1000D 650D 5D2 5D Mark III 6D
D3s, D3x, D3, D700, D300s, D300,D200,D100, D90, D80, D70s, D7000,D5100, D5000, D3100,D3000, D60, D40X D800 D600
K-7, K-x, K-m, K20D, K10D, K200D, K100D,
E5, E3, E30, E300, E620, E520, E420, E450, E-P2, E-PL2, E-PL1
Package including:
1 xYN560-III Flash Light
1 x Protecting Bag
1 x Mini Stand
1 x User Manual(with packaging)

Note: YN560lll only with built in trigger but no actual trigger come with the parcel

Note: We have try our best to show you the real color. but due to the
difference between different monitors, there will be a little difference
in color. Your kindly understanding will be appreciated !

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High Quality HP HSTNN-IB88 notebook Battery 63Wh 14.4V

HP HSTNN-IB88 Li-ion battery | High Quality HP HSTNN-IB88 notebook Battery 63Wh 14.4V

cheap laptop battery

All HP HSTNN-IB88 batteries pack are brand new 100% Guarantee and Ship fast and low price for HP 4710s 4510s 4515s Series from Secure & Guarantee:

* Brand New, 1 Year Warranty, 30 Days Money Back.

* Our Checkout Process is 100% secure. Your order information is encrypted and transmitted through our secure (SSL) server technology.

* Quality Assurance, 100% quality control assurance. Our HP HSTNN-IB88 battery have passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed, and/or ISO9001/9002 certification.

* Shopping HP laptop batteries from us is safe and secure. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties. We guarantee your HP HSTNN-IB88 batteries transaction will be 100% safe.

* Guard against identity theft. Only authorised personnel are permitted to process your order and handle your personal data.

* Packages arrive safely. For shipment, we take an extra step to protect your packages exclusively. The tracking system protects your shipment. You can log in anytime, day or night, to track your order in real time. Give you the best quality !

We are professional manufacturer and distributor of all HP HSTNN-IB88 replacement batteries and battery chargers. Full one year warranty for every replacement battery and battery charger; Our HP batteries last longer per charge and will last longer overall because whenever possible we only carry name brand battery cells. Our goal is to meet or exceed the performance of your original batteries and it means that you can use our lithium ion battery to replace yours. We assure that we use only high quality parts that equal to or better than the original so you can feel good about having a positive impact on our environment when you use our laptop batteries.

In our notebook batteries store you will find a right products at very competitive prices so you will save lots of money.To better use your laptop battery, please take care of the precautions listed below:

1) Do not modify or disassemble the HP batteries.

2) Do not incinerate or expose HP HSTNN-IB88 batteries to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.

3) Do not expose battery to water or other moist/wet substances.

4) Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the battery.

5) Do not forget to take away your HP HSTNN-IB88 battery from the device if you will not use it for a long time.

6) Avoid short circuit of the terminals by keeping your battery pack away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins.

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Professional AC DC Auto Range digital Multimeter

Video Light HDV Z96 Kit 96 LED DV Lighting

7 inch PU Leather Folio Case Cover Skin Stand For 7 Android Tablet PC MID

TFT-LCD Monitor / PTZ Controller / Video Signal Generator / DC12V1A Power Output / Audio Input Test / RS485 Data Capture / UTP Cable Tester

B156XW02 V.3 New 15.6 inch WXGA HD MATTE LED LCD Screen replacement for HP PAVILION DV6 Series

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