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How do I increase my laptop’s battery lifetime? Should I keep my laptop plugged in all the time or discharge the battery in regular intervals?

1. Don't leave your battery plugged in all the time. Unless you own a Dell laptop, which means you can disable battery charging. I have an ASUS laptop, meaning I usually keep the battery at 40% and let it be in my cupboard. We do have electricity supply breaks, meaning my laptop shuts down abruptly. Yes, I do run the risk of corrupting my data, but it hasn't affected me adversely much, so I've learnt to live with the compromise.

2. Never let your battery take heat. ASUS has a reasonably insulated battery bay, meaning even after a few gaming sessions with my battery plugged, I touch the battery to find it to be barely above room temperature. However, my battery would stay at 100% charge then, and that's detrimental to your battery. I know of a guy who owns a Dell XPS - the guy used to literally suffocate his laptop by playing games while it was on a pillow with his battery plugged in - and his battery's useless barely a year after he bought the laptop.

3. Don't put high loads while running on battery power.
Lithium-ion batteries like to be charged and discharged slowly. I haven't EVER played games while my laptop is running on battery power, or run strenuous software - it's always for using the internet or watching movies. I plug in a LAN cable to my laptop from the WiFi router because I sit at the same table - that saves overheads and energy. WiFi is pretty draining on batteries.

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