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How to use the notebook battery correctly?

Notebook battery maintenance method

1, activate the new battery.

If you want to make your laptop battery longevity, you must have a good start, it will have to start from buy laptop.

New laptop at the first boot with the battery generally around 3%.(this is also the manufacturer general procedure. If you first time open the notebook which buys newly, discovered that the battery already filled, definitely has been used by other people), this time, you should not use the external power supply first, when has used up the electric quantity which in the battery is left over, after notebook automatic close-down, then used the external power supply to charge again.Charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times, in order to activate the battery, such ability for future use and lay the good foundation.

2, reduce use battery times.

This is one of the effective methods.Want to know, battery charging and discharging times directly related to life.Suggested that everybody uses the external power supply as far as possible, uses when the external power supply should take down the battery. Some friends attempt conveniently, inserts many times frequently in one day pulls out the power source, and the notebook is loaded with the battery, does this, is bigger to battery's damage. Because each time external power supply turning on quite in gives the battery to charge one time, battery nature on die sooner die sooner.

3,avoid charging for too long.

Regardless of your laptop using lithium electricity, or the nimh electricity, must will be used to power after filling (less than 1%) power, this is the best way to avoid memory effects.the same with cell phone battery charge method, when you give the same notebook battery, try to avoid time is too long, general control in less than 12 hours. As for prevent insolate, prevent moisture, prevent chemical liquid erosion, avoid battery contacts and metal contact precautions, such as in here so much about it.

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