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Pure version Win10 Lenovo laptop battery 60% stop charging solution

1. Left click on the “Battery” icon in the lower right corner of the screen. In the options that appear, select “Go to Lenovo Settings Center”;

2. Drag the progress bar down to find the option for “Battery Charging Threshold”

3, open the "battery charging threshold" switch, will pop up the dialog prompt
4. Select the "Continue" button, the dialog box disappears, and a progress bar for setting the charging threshold appears.
1, the threshold is set to only a percentage of the value, the interval is 5%, such as 95% or 90%, (integer multiple of 5);
2. The battery starts to charge when it is lower than the stop charging threshold by about 6%;
3. In "Programs and Features", the software name is: Lenovo BatteryGauge
After the above steps are modified, we can successfully restore the normal charging mode of the laptop! Friends who have encountered similar situations, come and take a look at it!

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