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asus AP.15001.001 AC Power Adapter Charger

ASUS AP.15001.001 ADP-150CB AC Power Adapter Charger

AC Input:AC 100V - 240V 50-60Hz 
DC Output: 19.5V-7.7, 150W
AP.15001.001 ADP-150CB Power Adapter
Adapter Part Numbers:
Input: AC 100V - 240V 50-60Hz 
Output: 19.5V-7.7, 150W
Connecter size: 5.5*2.5mm 

AP.15001.001, ADP-150CB,ADP-150NB D, PA-1700-02, ADP-65DB, LC-T2801-006, LC.T2801.006, LC.ADT01.001, AP.T3503.002 
Adapter Fit Models:
Asus G53 G53JW G53Sx G53SW G73SW-BST6 19v 7.7a 150w AC Charger Adaptor+Cord
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NL:asus AP.15001.001 AC adapter IT:asus AP.15001.001
DE:AP.15001.001 Notebook-Netzteile.Das richtige ASUS Laptop Netzteil finden. 
We ship to the Laptop adapter around Globe [USA, Canada, UK, NZ and Ireland, Australia]. View more laptop adapter. Contact with us if any problem on selecting power adapter. 
asus AP.15001.001 Features:
All our high quality asus AP.15001.001 replacement Adapter have been tested and proven to match and / or match the performance of the original asus Adapter and are 100% compatible with the original manufacturer's specifications. This asus AP.15001.001 Adapter comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
Thank you for purchasing this high quality asus AP.15001.001 replacement Adapter. We have a rigorous testing process to ensure that your ordered products (like this Adapter for asus AP.15001.001) are functionally correct before being packaged and sent to you. And before placing an order, make sure that your old original part number of the asus AP.15001.001 Adapter is listed below and that the shape is identical to the images in our Adapter.

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Adapter for FSP180-50PLA FSP NZ

Adapter for HSTNN-CA27 HP NZ

Adapter for ADS-40FSG-19 LG NZ

Adapter for ACDP-100D01 Sony NZ

Adapter for VGP-AC19V15 Sony NZ

Wholesale and retail laptop adapter in NZ. Replacement for Acer,Apple, Compaq,Dell, FUJITSU, IBM,Lenovo,Sony and so on.

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