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Purchasing a Replacement AC Adapter Dell P3JW1

  • High quality Brand New P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP AC Power Adapter Charger on sale at a great price with 1 Year Warranty. 100% Compatible with PSU SFF For Dell Inspiron 660s Vostro 270s 220Watt Computer Power Supply. 

    DELL P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP AC Power Adapter Charger

    AC Input:88-264V 220W 60/50Hz
    DC Output: 100-127V 6A - 220V-240V ~ 
    P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP Power Adapter
    Adapter Part Numbers:
    H220AS-00 L220AS-00 PY.22009.002, PY.2200B.001, PY.2200B.002
    Adapter Fit Models:

    Voltage: 100-127V ~ / 6A - 220V-240V ~ / 3A 50Hz-60Hz
    Power: 220 W
    Input Voltage : 88 -264 Volts Ac
    Frequency : 60 / 50 Hz
    Temperature Range : Operating 0° C ~ +25° C on Output Load or 0° C ~ +50° C on Output Load ;Storage & Shipping -20° C ~ +80° C
    Humidity : 5 ~ 90% on Operating, 5 ~ 95% on Storage
    Dielectric Withstand : Primary Frame Ground 1800V AC for 1 Second
    MTBF : 100,000 Hours on Maximum Load at +25°C
    Rise time : Less than 20ms
    Hold-up Time : 17ms Minimum at Nominal Input Voltage
    Size: 200 * 90 * 50mm
    Part number: H220AS-00 L220AS-00 PY.22009.002, PY.2200B.001, PY.2200B.002,
    Model: DPS-220UB A or (Chicony) CPB09-D220R.PS-5221-06 (model very much, but all the same, warehouse were shipped)
    Compatible Part #'s: P3JW1, 650WP, GXYV0, R5RV4, M32H8, 5NV0T, HU220NS-00, HK320-82FP.

    Applicable chassis model:
    1.GATEWAY:SX2300, SX2310, SX2311, SX2800, SX2801, SX2802, SX2840, SX2841, SX2850.
    2.Aspire: X1200, X1300, X1700, X1800, X3200, X3300, X3810, X5300, X5810, eMachines L1200, L1210, L1320, L1700
    3. Veriton: X270, X480G

    P1 - 24 Pin ATX Motherboard System Board Power Connector
    P2 - 4 Pin P4 Motherboard System Board Power Connector
    P3 - SATA Power Connector
    P4 - SATA Power Connector

    The power supplies is often paid little attention because they simply have to work. Once they do not, however, necessary to provide for quick replacement. The original Dell P3JW1 Family makes it ideal for various DELL systems and can be used directly by you. Even if it is not sent in their original packaging, it is new and unused. 
    To ensure compatibility with your notebook to check you should look on your DELL AC adapter first to the model number P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP . Possibly the part number P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP is there also specified. If you own aPSU SFF For Dell Inspiron 660s Vostro 270s 220Watt Computer Power Supply, however, you can expect a full compatibility. 
    Since it P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP PSU is an original model in this DELL, you need to worry about the quality not to worry. So that you can also use it directly, whether as a replacement or second unit, the appropriate power cord is already at.
    NZ laptop Adapter shop, buy cheap Dell P3JW1 replacement laptop Ac Adapter, P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP AC Adapter with low price and high quality! Brand New Adapters for PSU SFF For Dell Inspiron 660s Vostro 270s 220Watt Computer Power Supply.
    NL:Dell P3JW1 AC adapterJP:Dell P3JW1
    DE:P3JW1 HU220NS-00 HK320-82FP Notebook-Netzteile.Das richtige DELL Laptop Netzteil finden. 
    We ship to the Laptop adapter around Globe [USA, Canada, UK, NZ and Ireland, Australia]. View more laptop adapter. Contact with us if any problem on selecting power adapter.

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    Wholesale and retail laptop adapter in UK. Replacement for Acer,Apple, Compaq,Dell, FUJITSU, IBM,Lenovo,Sony and so on.

    How to selectlaptop Adapter? Make sure the volt and currect of adapter is same as your origial. carefully check the size of tip of adapterx is correct. check and confirm with the photo of power adapter is the one you are looking for.

    How to Choose the Correctlaptop Adapter? The first thing to consider for thelaptop adapteris the voltage. The easiest way to check this is to turn the computer over and see if there is a voltage listed anywhere on the bottom of the machine. A sticker may be affixed with this information and other similar laptop specs listed. It should be a number with a V attached to it, such as 19V. This information is also available on the original adapter, if it is available.
    The second thing to look for is the current output needed for the laptop adapter. This number will have an A of mA associated with it. For example, it may say something like 4.74A or 950mA. These numbers ensure that the power going to your machine will be acceptable and keep it operating within normal parameters. Not paying attention to either of these numbers could cause the electrical systems in the computer to malfunction and quit working altogether.
    Once these two issues have been settled, the other important step is simply to make sure the connection fits the port in your computer where it is to be plugged in. The voltage and output current of the laptop adapter will not matter if it is not able to be connected. If ordering online or if you do not have your computer, it is advisable to check this out as soon as possible.
    Many may choose the safest route possible and go with a replacement laptop adapter directly from the manufacturer, if available. While this is a good option, these parts may be more expensive than others that may be available from after-market manufacturers. Further, as long as the numbers match, all should work nearly the same and be just as safe and effective. 
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