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Gartner: Global Q2 PC sales rose 1.5% Lenovo’s market share first

Research firm Gartner announced that PC sales in the second quarter of the world rose 1.5% to 63 million units, mainly due to Microsoft's introduction of Window 10 operating system, driving demand for computer replacement.

Gartner senior analyst Mikako Kitagawa said that the shortage of Intel chips has improved, which is one of the reasons for the sales of personal computers.

In terms of market share, Lenovo Group ranked first with 25%, HP ranked second with 22.2%, third with Dell accounting for 16.9%, and Apple with 5.9%.

US technology media VentureBeat cited research firm Gartner and IDC data, saying that the PC market rebounded slightly in the second quarter of this year. After six years of PC shipments fell in six quarters, the situation in 2018 was mixed, with negative, positive and positive growth rates in each quarter. The situation in 2019 was roughly the same: negative growth in the first quarter and positive growth in the second quarter.

Gartner and IDC analysts pointed out that Windows 10's siege in the commercial market has slightly boosted PC growth in the previous quarter. But IDC warned that this situation will not continue.

Gartner predicts that global PC shipments will increase by 1.5% in the second quarter of 2019 to 63 million units. The top six vendors are Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer and Asus.

Gartner also found that only the top three PC shipments increased in the top six. The rest of the market players fell 6.7%.

Lenovo surpassed HP. Dell's growth has slowed, but at least it is still growing.

"There are signs that Intel's CPU shortage is easing, and this has had an impact on the market in the past 18 months," Gartner chief analyst Mikako Kitagawa said in a statement. "The shortage is mainly affected. Small suppliers, because large suppliers can take advantage of this situation and continue to grow, taking market share away from small suppliers who have difficulty getting CPU."

IDC expects global PC shipments to grow by 4.7% to 64.90 million units by the second quarter of 2019. Among the IDC forecast results, the top five vendors in terms of performance are Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Apple.

IDC also found that Lenovo ranked first, HP ranked second, and Dell ranked in the top three. All three companies are showing growth, but Lenovo is clearly ahead. The remaining markets grew by 4.9%.

IDC research director Jitesh Ubrani said in a statement: "With the approach of Windows 7 End of Service (EOS) in January 2020, the market has entered the business from Windows 7 to Windows 10 The final phase of the migration. However, when Windows XP encounters EOS, shutting down the service is unlikely to lead to a sales boom because we have two quarters before the migration. However, PC manufacturers hope to migrate in the next few quarters. The successful completion of the market can create new business opportunities for the market."

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