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Information security in the era of big data

As we all know, cloud computing, big data, social commerce, and mobile are important development trends in the future. More and more enterprise users and service providers have begun to enter these fields to win a place in the market. Affected by the overall slowdown in the overall economy, the overall growth rate of the IT industry slowed down last year, but the IT security market showed a rapid growth trend.

Cloud computing, big data, mobile, and social networks continue to drive growth in the future security market for the following reasons:

First, due to the maturity of cloud computing, traditional physical security boundary-based protection mechanisms are difficult to effectively protect user applications and information security based on shared environments. Unauthorized access to information becomes an important security issue for cloud computing systems.

Second, formally step into the era of big data. This trend will have an impact on China's information security technology and product development, network security defense system.

Third, with the increasing diversification of online fraud methods, the popularity of social networks allows criminals to deceive users' friends, colleagues and family members by impersonation. This brings great security protection pressure to the product.

Fourth, the data shows that more and more people are using tablets and smartphones to access data and applications stored in the cloud. The vulnerability of these system vulnerabilities is becoming more and more serious.

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