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Each kind of popular notebook brand comparison : Apple,Toshiba,hp,Acer…

The notebook brand are getting more and more, fashion, practical, the blue tooth, the wireless surfer, integrates the camera, trades the outer covering as one desires, is getting smaller getting more and more attractive, lets the human select and purchase, has not had the idea. Unifies own experience and the network material, reorganizes each big notebook brand good and bad points, hoped that may help you to select and purchase the performance-to-price ratio highest notebook.

ASUS Notebook

The ASUS China large notebook, insisted that “design, to make, the innate brand sale”. Except the innate chip, the motherboard, China large gives back to other brands to make a generation of processing. For instance SONY VAIO series, SONY PS2. The quality is good, pledged that the screen does not have the luminescent spot (in three months to have may trade). The compatibility is good, radiates the question solution quite to be also thorough, in work when has the fresh idea, is known as “firm, if the rock”, makes some sense.

Acer Notebook

ACER great base notebook,Take the performance-to-price ratio prominent as the main selling point, the achievement has alone obviously and the wireless notebook, the performance-to-price ratio unusual over value. Post-sale also good, the nature guarantees the time to be longest in the similar brand the very convenient global joint guarantee.

HP Notebook

HP Notebook ,The commercial notebook is more fashionable, the performance is not vulgar. HP is in sole possession of 8 big wisdom designs, the ultra bright screen technology and so on, the picture is brighter, clearly, the price has the competitive power. At present the HP notebook mainstream has three big series, simultaneously, HP promotes the new product unceasingly.

TOSHIBA Notebook

Toshiba notebook ,The selling point lies in its exquisite, as well as the Toshiba unique liquid crystal display screen technology, knew that the Toshiba television should be possible to think. The Toshiba notebook by the suitable price, the advanced liquid crystal technology wins the consumer to like! These must use only then to know that heard the distributor benefit is not good, the initiative purchase's person are not many.

Where the best selling notebook from Apple has a street price of about $1100 or maybe a bit more, the most popular Toshiba notebook sits with a street price of just over $500, or half the price of the Apple notebook above.

FUJITSU Notebook

Fujitsu notebook ,High-end brand low price. 11 time, accompanies the friend to buy, business attends to fundamentals the performance-to-price ratio superelevation. Fujitsu continuously very low key. However regarding this Japanese well-known brand, many people are not strange. Actually its brand history is glorious, enjoys “Japanese IBM” the title, with is famous manufacturer Sony compares for the date, Fujitsu is partial to the simple commercial route, has been short several point Sony's gaudiness, for human one kind of thought-provoking feeling. Fuji showers the quality and the quality, but also has writes by hand the function.

IBM Notebook

IBM series. Popular name “small black”, irrevocable color and style. Father of as the modern personal computing, the IBM notebook has the best quality, the status and the price. Accumulates 1000 many kinds of patented technologies in the notebook domain, ThinkPad is the pursue performance, portable, stable, the available notebook amateur's first choice excellent work. The high-end type, the merit are many, looked that the disposition has known, did not need to say. The shortcoming is IBM is heavy, the outward appearance is bad. The people buy the IBM main achievement commercial, is keeping secret and anti-falls the aspect to be able to complete. the ibm quality is absolutely good, but under same level performance expensive.

SONY notebook

SONY notebook ,What SONY walks is “the fashion, the high-end” the route, in the stability, the security, the durability is quite weak, Sony's selling point lies in its outstanding work with the fashionable semblance, as well as splendid liquid crystal kneading board.

DELL Notebook

DELL is the IT industry miracle, 96 year stepping in notebook domain, within the short several years, the sales volume has become the whole world first, but the DELL cost system has also restricted him in the upscale notebook development. Is low price notebook representative. Indeed, its quality anything has not been possible to show off the place, radiates especially, question very much.

SANSUNG Notebook

Radiates well, screen very ultra clear, pastes on the membrane to be able to achieve the pure even effect, LCD is the Tristar biggest selling point. The so fine demonstration only then disposes 4 cores the batteries, goes out when thinks not sufficiently.

APPLE Notebook

Apple machine because of originally only then white, popular name “young Bai”. The apple machine has often represented the tidal current and the fashion, has represented the high-end in the fine industrial design, its product in the graph imagery processing domain, has had the big market share, compared to ordinary computer striving to excel in several times. Entertainment aspect compatible aspect insufficient pc is ideal, many games, the media file is incompatible. Belongs to the high price machine, but has been designed the acme the public figure to love deeply.

The Apple MacBook Pro is the best notebook Apple makes.

Lenovo notebook

The lenovo computer performance is ordinary, the use is convenient, stably, the quality good, the post-sale service, individuality design. The loom radiates is not very good, when use the finger has the warm feeling. The software ability difference, promotion ability are small, the price is high. After the IBM conformity, enterprise's future is not too bright.

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