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Cheap Price Seiko Capacitor Seiko Kinetic V137 V138 3026-24X 3026.24X battery 3026.24X

NZ ONLINE SHOP: Sell 1.8V 3026.24X battery, replacement for Seiko Capacitor Seiko Kinetic V137 V138 3026-24X 3026.24X. High quality, high performance, brand new packaging, 1-year warranty, fast delivery!

SEIKO 3026.24X battery

3026.24X battery replacement for Seiko Capacitor Seiko Kinetic V137 V138 3026-24X 3026.24X

Product details:

Brand: SEIKO
Voltage: 1.8V
Part Number:
Compatible Models:
Fits For following Casio models:
For Seiko V137
For Seiko V138

To check whether this capacitor will fit your watch, please check the calibre reference on the back case of your watch. This is usually in the format XXXX-XXXX with the first 4 digits indicating the module reference. If you do not see your calibre reference listed below, it will not fit your watch.

How to find the Seiko movement number:
Seiko movement numbers are located on the back of your watch case. It is usually in XXXX-YYYY format with "XXXX" being the movement number.
The movement number can also be found on the watch movement itself (may require magnifier).


*100% Brand New and Not used.
*Totally compatible with Seiko Capacitor Seiko Kinetic V137 V138 3026-24X 3026.24X with strict test.
*Li-ion without memorizing-efficiency, long-lasting life(over 500 times charging & discharging).
*1-year warranty, 30-days money back.
*UE、CE、RoHs Quality certification, green and trustful.
*Stable cells made up for li-ion battery, max power-transportation with low loss.
*Appearance and Capacity & voltage are almost equal to the original as well as compatibility.

How to select a correct battery type?

1. check your battery appearance to match your original's.
2. Carefully check out the capacity & voltage of the original.
3. Reference to your equipment names under the help of USER GUIDE or information from official offered online.
4. Capacity calculating: 1000mAh=1Ah, 1Wh=1Ah*1v.

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