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Special Sale for 4.3v – 70mA 2w AC adapter A00390 Philips Electric shaver RQ310 RQ311 RQ330 S301 S512

NZ ONLINE SHOP: Sell Philips A00390 power supply, replacement for Philips Electric shaver RQ310 RQ311 RQ330 S301 S512. High quality, high performance, brand new packaging, 1-year warranty, fast delivery!

Philips A00390 adapter

A00390 Power Supply for Philips Electric shaver RQ310 RQ311 RQ330 S301 S512

Product Details:

Brand: Philips
Input Volt: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Output Volt: 4.3v - 70mA 2w
Part Numbers:
Compatible models:
Philips Electric shaver RQ310 RQ311 RQ330 S301 S512


*NZ-Online, UPS / DHL / USPS multi-party cooperation, fast delivery.
*Efficient and stable electronic components, high quality, rest assured!
*Trustworthy shipping costs and standards.
*1-year warranty, 30-days money-back.
*UL / CE / RoHS / ISO 9001 and other multi-party safety and quality certifications.
*Perfectly Compatible with Philips Electric shaver RQ310 RQ311 RQ330 S301 S512 with several starting tests.
*Appearance and Output power are equal to the original's as well as compatibility.
*Power Connector and interface type are matched to the original's motherboard.
*A power plug for charger provided by in free gift fits your country or region.

How to select a correct charger type?

*Check the appearance and Output voltage matched to the original.
*Carefully check out the size of the connector tip ref to the original.
*Read the USER GUIDANCE or reference to the information from the official Website of your equipment.
*Matched your equipment name and power hole, original adapter model.

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