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Does the mobile phone fast charge depend on the data cable or the charging head?

Mobile phones want to achieve fast charging, data lines and charging heads need to be adapted, in addition to the correct fast charging protocol, the three are complementary, indispensable. If a high-power charging head is used, but the data line does not reach the fast charging standard, or the charging protocol of the charging head and the data line do not match, the fast charging cannot be achieved.

Charging interface and data cable

For example, mobile phones are beginning to popularize the USB TYPE-C interface. The old MicroUSB interface has been eliminated. In addition to the trouble of plugging and unplugging, a very important reason is that the maximum current that the MicroUSB data cable can withstand is limited.

The standard MicroUSB cable can only withstand a maximum of 3A, and generally exceeds 2A and there is a risk of heat. Therefore, in the past, mobile phones using MicroUSB data lines, the fast charge power is generally 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A. However, this high-voltage, low-current fast-charge technology has a drawback in that it must have a step-down process before the current enters the cell phone battery. Because the charging voltage of the mobile phone lithium battery can not exceed 5.2V. The high voltage will inevitably generate high heat in the process of step-down, so the traditional 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A fast charge can only obtain higher charging power when the mobile phone is in standby mode, once the mobile phone bright screen charging power It will be greatly reduced, so that in order to avoid the temperature generated by the bright screen of the mobile phone and the temperature generated by the high-voltage charging, the fuselage is overheated.

Now the USB TYPE-C data line implemented by mobile phone manufacturers can withstand a maximum of 5A, and the maximum voltage is also increased to 20V. So theoretically the USB TYPE-C charging interface can provide up to 100W of charging power. Xiaomi recently showed a 100W fast-charge prototype, using the USB TYPE-C data cable.

Charging protocol

Another factor that determines whether a smartphone can be quickly charged is the fast charge protocol. At present, the fast charging protocols of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers are different. The popular USB PD protocol is used by Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei. USB PD can charge mobile phones and even laptops with high compatibility. However, Huawei has also developed a Super Charge fast charging protocol, which is not compatible with ordinary USB PD. In addition, OPPO, vivo fast charging technology is not the same as the mainstream USB PD, and even the data line is specially customized.

Therefore, if the chargers and data lines of various mobile phone brands are mixed, it is very likely that the fast charging effect will not be achieved. When you buy chargers and data cables for your mobile phone, you must first study which type of fast charging protocol your mobile phone uses, so as not to encounter the situation that the purchased charger and data cable do not match the mobile phone.

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