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Is the mobile phone fast charging function the credit of the charging head or the credit of the line? why?

The charging head is the protagonist of fast charging

In the fast charging system of the mobile phone, the charging head is a protagonist and is also accessible to ordinary consumers. For consumers, charging power is a key indicator of fast charging technology, and this indicator is based on the charging head.

This year, the fast charge of many flagship mobile phones can reach about 40W. Among them, OPPO has 50W fast charge, vivo has 44W fast charge, Huawei has 40W and 55W fast charge technology. However, Huawei's 55W fast charge is only used on some concept models, and has not been released to the flagship model.

How much power fast charging technology requires a charging head that matches the corresponding power. Therefore, the charging head is an indicator that consumers can perceive.

Charging cable is also very important

Many people know that mobile phones from the iPhone 8 series support fast charging, but need to buy a dedicated charging head and charging cable. Then, compared to ordinary charging lines, the line that supports fast charging is somewhat special.

As we all know, the ordinary charging line of Android mobile phones only has 3 lines working, 2 of which are power lines, and 1 line is grounded. And Android's fast charge line, basically 5 lines are working, 2 are power lines, 2 data lines, 1 ground line.

In the charging line, the role of the two data lines is very important, responsible for the communication between the charging head and the mobile phone power management chip. Specifically, the communication between the charging head and the mobile phone power management chip is to negotiate the charging power.

For a simple example, Huawei's flagship mobile phone supports 40W fast charging, while Huawei's charging head has power output support: it supports three output specifications: 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 10V/4A. Then, what kind of power should be used to charge the mobile phone during charging, which requires two wires in the charging line to communicate and negotiate the charging power.

It is not difficult to see that the fast charge technology is not simply the matching of the charging head and the charging line, but also matches the power management chip of the mobile phone. Compared with the ordinary charging line, the fast charging has higher requirements on the charging head and the charging line.

Is the mobile phone fast charging the credit head or the line?

Both work. The adapter data cable that does not support fast charging is a five-core cable. The adapter that supports fast charging not only has a large output power, but the data cable is seven cores or more. Of course, you will find that if you use a normal data cable, if you use a fast charge, the charging is very fast, but not as fast as the original line. In fact, the statement is not absolute. The relationship between the two is complementary. Said that the charging head has a greater credit.

The charging speed of the mobile phone mainly depends on the charging current. The charging current is fast, the charging speed is fast, and the charging current is slow. The charging current is related to the output current of the charger, the quality of the charging cable, and the reliability of the connection between the charging cable and the charging interface of the mobile phone. In the case of a fixed charger, a high-quality charging line, interface standard, and specification , there will be no virtual connection, the loss on the charging line is very low, which will significantly speed up the charging speed of the mobile phone. Of course, many people now like to use long data lines. The longer the line, the higher the resistance, the slower the charging speed will be.

At present, there are two general directions for increasing the charging speed: one is to increase the voltage, and the other is to increase the current. Increasing the voltage will increase the amount of heat generated during the charging process, accelerate the aging of the battery and may pose a safety hazard, so the actual effect is not good. In contrast, increasing the current is more realistic.

VOOC flash charging technology uses a low voltage and high current mode to ensure safety during charging. Qualcomm's QC fast charge is also achieved by increasing the current and voltage. The same is true for MediaTek Pump Express Plus, which allows the charger to determine the initial voltage required for charging according to the current. Huawei used 5V/4.5A before. The same is true for fast charging.

However, the recent 40W fast charge adopts the 10V/4A fast charge design. Relatively speaking, the voltage is relatively large. Regarding the safety issue, this is not a concern, because the design of the mobile phone charger has to pass the national quality certification center and is certified as 3C digital. If the charger is dangerous, the quality certification center can't pass it. In addition, it is now whether it is Huawei 40W fast charge or OPPO 35 minutes full charge double battery power supply, all passed the Rhine certification. So, with these two processes, plus the protection circuit of the phone itself is not dangerous.

to sum up

The voltage and current of the charger actually depend on the adapter, because the adapter is the core, and the power cord, although not original, can be quickly charged, but the original quality is still a lot different from the speed, so the original charger Charging is the safest. However, the data line is generally bad, although the adapter is also damaged, but relatively few, the purchase of the data line to buy an original or good quality, can also achieve the effect of fast charging.

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