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Google acknowledges that some partners have leaked more than 1,000 confidential conversation recordings

Google has admitted on Thursday (7.11) that some partners have leaked more than 1,000 copies of conversations between customers and Google Assistant to a Belgian news site.

Companies such as Google and Amazon (2011, 9.93, 0.50%) use these conversations to improve the voice response capabilities of their Assistant services, and conversations should be confidential.

But the Belgian news site VRT said on Wednesday that a contractor provided a sample of such a dialogue, and the website used the samples to identify some of them. The VRT website also checks what type of conversation information Google collects when it says "OK Google" on a mobile phone or Google Home product. In addition, VRT also heard information such as customer address in the conversation. Sources who have spoken with the site also said they heard a recording of a conversation with a sad woman and a recording of people talking about medical conditions.

Google has now admitted that there are indeed conversational recordings leaked.

“We just learned that a language inspector leaked confidential Dutch audio data, which violated our data security policy,” said David Monsee, Google search product manager. “Our Security and Privacy Response team is investigating this matter and we will take action. We are conducting a comprehensive review of our safeguards in this area to prevent similar misconduct from happening again.”

Monsi said that Google's partners can only hear "about 0.2% of all audio clips" and said that the information "is not related to the user account." However, VRT recognizes the identity of the interlocutor in certain audio segments.

Google Assistant users can easily delete their own voice history.

When a user talks to Amazon's voice assistant service, Alexa, Amazon also collects voice clips and analyzes them manually. However, users can prevent Alexa from using this information to improve Amazon's services and delete their own historical recordings.

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