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Google Amazon “armistice”: open video services to the other device

Google and Amazon are among the top four Internet giants in the world, and in recent years there has been direct competition in more and more areas. Previously, the two companies launched a "war" to block their own hardware video services.

According to the latest news from foreign media, on July 9th, Amazon and Google ended the "war state", and YouTube's original video service YouTube resumed on Amazon's set-top box.

Google announced on the same day that YouTube Kids and YouTube Live TV will be available to Amazon hardware later this year.

In response, Amazon Video's online video service Prime Video will also be available on Google Video device Chromecast products and Android TV platform devices.

According to reports, Google initially promised to re-launch YouTube on Amazon's set-top box in April this year.

In December 2017, as Google and Amazon's competition in online video began to heat up, Google cancelled support for YouTube services.

As a retaliatory measure, Amazon's website has stopped selling Google's hardware products, such as Google's smart speakers and Nest cameras, which compete with Amazon's Echo speakers and Amazon's Ring cameras.

Later, the two companies began to show signs of easing. For example, still does not sell Google smart speakers, but has already started selling the smart home hardware of the Google Nest brand.

In order to circumvent Google's blockade, a third-party YouTube app has appeared on Amazon's set-top box Fire TV device, but it only takes users to the YouTube site and does not provide a complete video viewing experience.

After reopening, the new YouTube app will support 4K HDR streaming, and users can ask Alexa Voice Assistant to play videos or control content from the service.

YouTube will be available on the TVs of the Fire TV Stick, TV Cube and Toshiba, Element, Insignia and Westinghouse on Tuesday, with Amazon's Fire TV software installed.

Once upon a time, Amazon was a professional e-commerce site, and Google was the world's largest web search service provider. The two giants seemed to be "well water does not make rivers." But today, both companies have undergone massive diversification and expansion, forming direct competition in more and more fields, including cloud computing, network video, voice assistants, smart speakers, online music services, video playback hardware, and Internet products. Advertising, etc.

It is worth mentioning that in the field of smart speakers, Google has adopted a strategy of quickly imitating the Amazon product line, launched smart speakers of different price and different sizes, and now the global smart speaker market has been dominated by Google and Amazon.

In the past, Amazon also launched smartphones and competed with Google’s own mobile phones for the market. However, Amazon’s mobile phone project failed, and products have been discontinued.

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