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Technology News – India 5G person in charge: should exclude 5G test work with China

According to the Times of India, Vijay Rajawan, chief scientific adviser of the high-level committee of the Indian government responsible for 5G network construction consultation, said that India should conduct 5G test work together with “all suppliers except China”. The committee consists of the Indian Intelligence Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Some departments expressed different opinions.

The report quoted sources as saying that the committee held a 5G technical test group meeting on June 13th. Rajawan clearly expressed his position against Huawei's participation in India's 5G construction. However, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs believes that all suppliers, including Chinese companies, should be allowed to participate in the trial by providing “extra protective measures”, emphasizing that India should be fully utilized as the “world's second largest (5G network construction) market”.

The Indian Intelligence Agency said it has no objection to any "technical proposals" on 5G construction. "From a security perspective, we must take an objective view, not a specific country or company. Business considerations should not go beyond security issues. The license is related to how we protect the real problem of the network. Blocking any supplier will be a political signal."

The Indian Ministry of the Interior has suggested that “security isolation” can be formed by adding software. The Ministry of Telecommunications, which has the most critical attitude, advocates the final decision of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Times of India stated that the participants agreed that necessary safeguards should be taken to deal with the “security issues” involved in the company’s participation in India’s 5G construction.

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