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News-Japan plans to use signal lights as 5G base stations to launch an empirical test in 2020

According to "Nikkei Business News" reported on July 3, on the 2nd, the Japanese government held the first relevant departmental meeting to use the signal light as a base station for the next-generation communication standard "5G". It is planned to launch an empirical test in 2020, which will be rolled out nationwide in 2023. It will establish standard specifications and strive to export to overseas.

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Police Department and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and other relevant departments will cooperate to promote the technical development of communication networks and formulate the necessary rules. According to the IT General Affairs Office of the Japanese Cabinet Office, the use of signal lights as a 5G base station for the first time in the world is the first time in the world. Developing countries in Asia are also facing the task of building a 5G communication network.

5G is indispensable for future technological innovation competition such as autonomous driving. The Japanese government also plans to use the signal light for automatic driving, disaster countermeasures, and guardian measures for patients with Alzheimer's disease. In the future, we will discuss signal lights as a new countermeasure for social infrastructure at relevant departmental meetings.

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