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Traders Electronics teamed up with Grant Imahara to introduce artificial intelligence robots into the human family in the latest short film of Generation Robot

November 9, 018 – Mouser Electronics, a global distributor of electronic components that is focused on introducing new products, today teamed up with star engineer Grant Imahara to release the final episode of the Generation Robot series. It is the latest event of the company's award-winning Empowering Innovation TogetherTM program.
In this short film, Grant went to San Francisco to visit Dr. Mark Palatucci, co-founder of Anki and the inventor of the disruptive home robot Vector. Unlike voice-controlled static assistants, Vector is fully automated, connected to the cloud, and ready to go. With the latest face recognition software and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Vector can learn user habits and behaviors and act as companion robots. . The Generation Robot series is supported by the leading supplier partners of Traders, Analog Devices, Intel®, Microchip Technology and Molex.

The Generation Robot series explores how robots can make a difference in manufacturing applications, service industries, and where humans are too far away from danger or remoteness to understand how robots serve humans. In this new video, Grant and Palatucci discuss how robots like Vector interact with humans, and how to empower consumer robots by integrating IQ and emotional intelligence.

Glenn Smith, president and CEO of Moser Electronics, said: "The highest state of robot innovation is to achieve true artificial intelligence, allowing robots to think independently. We have witnessed that this technology is going from the laboratory. Enter our lives."

Grant added: "In this series of exciting short films, we have seen the real 'new age robots' and saw how they work and live with humans every day. But the more important issue is that as robots become more and more Smart, and able to think independently, what the future will look like - we can only wait and see."

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