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How to understand the relationship between OPPO and vivo?

OPPO and vivo are dubbed as blue and green factories in the workshop. Of course, this is mainly because OPPO's trademark is green, and vivo's trademark is blue. Together with the teacher's door, the two product lines, marketing, The product chain, such as design, is almost the same, so the two brands are often put together.

For now, OPPO and vivo can be said to have nothing to do with each other. Although there are quite a few common shareholders, the equity institutions and operations are independent and there is no affiliation, although some of the market channels will cooperate. But more is still more competition, after all, the peers are the family. Therefore, the two brands are both cooperative and competitors.

We all know that these two brands belong to the BBK Group. It is said that BBK Group has to talk about Duan Yongping, the founder of BBK. Speaking of Duan Yongping, some people may not know, but when it comes to "small bully learning machine", it is as good as it is. In the 1990s, Duan Yongping graduated from the university and entered the township and small factory, which is the predecessor of Xiaobawang Company. After the efforts of Duan Yongping, the small factory's three-year output value reached RMB 1 billion, and it was officially named “Zhongshan Bawang Electronic Industry Company”. The bully became a microcosm of Duan Yongping.

Later, due to the business philosophy, Duan Yongping and Xiao Bawang "peacely broke up." Then Duan Yongping went to Dongguan to establish the BBK company. BBK's main business is reading machines, VCDs, DVDs and BBK music phones. At the beginning of 1999, BBK was split into three companies with independent ownership and non-affiliation. Today, the head of BBK Mobile Phone Company is responsible for the communication business; Huang Yihe is responsible for the education of electronic business and has now retired; Chen Mingyong is responsible for the audiovisual business.

In 2001, Duan Yongping worked as a medium, and three backgammon companies spent a total of 30 million yuan to register OPPO. However, Shen Yu and Huang Yihe did not intend to join OPPO, so Chen Mingyong bought out the OPPO brand. Later, the BBK audio-visual company closed down. The original 2-3 employees were added to OPPO. This is the predecessor of Guangdong Opal Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.

In the era of functional machines, BBK was named after BBK. It is the main music phone. The BGM music phone BGM was everywhere, but after entering the era of smart phones, it began to reform. In 2011, due to the development of BBK's business, BBK launched a brand new smartphone brand, vivo, which is now Guangdong Weiwo Electronics Industry Co., Ltd., and the company is fully responsible for it.

For today, the OPPP mobile phone is the Opal Mobile Company. The VIVO mobile phone is a smart phone brand launched by BBK in 2011. At the beginning, it was called BBK VIVO, and then gradually removed the BBK. Therefore, Duan Yongping has a stake in the vivo company, about 10%, which is equivalent to the shares held by the company's chairman Shen Yu. However, because Chen Mingyong bought out the stake in OPPO, Duan Yongping has no relationship with OPPO.

To put it simply, the BBK Group is no longer there. Only Education Electronics has a brand that retains BBK, but it is also trying to make it autonomous. BBK mobile phones can be understood as the predecessor of vivo. After all, it is the main music, and oppo It was established by BBK executives, and the name has been used from the functional machine to the intelligent machine era.

From this history, we can see that BBK, vivo and oppo are the result of changes in the development of the times, including the same. It is inevitable that every time you encounter an electronic product, everyone’s philosophy is different. It is very normal. As for the OV approach, it is probably because it is also working in the BBK Group, which is deeply influenced by Duan Yongping and BBK.

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