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Why do you have to choose the Type-c interface when buying a mobile phone?

The Type-C interface of mobile phones is believed to be familiar to everyone. Since the introduction of the Type-C interface standard in 2015, the Type-C interface has become popular in 2016, and the flagship mobile phones have begun to match the Type-C interface, giving up the commonly used MicroUSB interface. Nowadays more and more mobile phone interfaces have been replaced by Type-c interfaces. Why do you have to choose the Type-c interface to buy a mobile phone? What is going on?

Speaking of the history of USB, it has been roughly divided into three versions: USB 1.0, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Since its introduction in April 2000, USB 2.0 has been conquered for 17 years in the field of digital devices. From the early Mini-USB data line, it has gradually upgraded to a smaller interface, space saving, and a high-life and high-intensity Micro-USB interface.

With the advent of the USB 3.0 era, the Type-c interface has also come out. The Type-C interface is much better in performance than the previous Micro-USB interface. The shape of the Type-C is similar to the long oval shape, so its solution is solved. The world's most difficult problem since the emergence of the USB interface, the Type-C interface "does not distinguish between directions, both positive and negative."

So why do you want to buy a mobile phone must choose the Type-c interface, the real reason behind it?

On the one hand, the Type-C interface supports blind insertion. It is very convenient to insert directly without having to distinguish between front and back. The previous Android phones used Micro-USB interfaces. If you don't pay attention to the front and back, it will easily cause wear on the phone interface. The type-c interface does not have this problem, the type-c interface can be positively and negatively blindly inserted, and the real solution to the original kind of motion can not be inserted, the loose interface does not move loose.

On the other hand, the Type-C interface has a fast transfer speed. Most of the previous Android phones use the USB2.0 interface. Generally, the power of the Micro-USB interface is 5w, and the charging power of the type-c interface can reach 100w. The speed is not a little bit, and the charging speed is fast. So that most users and manufacturers give up the micro interface, after all, charging speed is a pursuit of many people.

More importantly, the type-c interface not only supports blind insertion, fast transmission speed, but also can transmit video and audio. In this era of simple and simple pursuit, mobile phone manufacturers have been striving to make the interface of the mobile phone as small as possible, just right type- The c interface can transmit video and audio, and the transmission quality is also high. The mobile phone with Type-C interface can also be made lighter and thinner, so the natural type-c interface is popular.

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