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Which is the best choice for wireless headphones and wired headphones?

In fact, wireless headsets, especially Bluetooth wireless headsets, have long existed in the market. Until Apple introduced the first generation of airpods a few years ago, this market will be officially opened. Previously, we used 3.5mm headphone jacks. This way has become the mainstream, headphones are basically the same, so there are many people who collect 3.5mm headphone cable, which is our common wired headset. I went to 2019, Apple Center updated the second generation product, then The growth of the market, should the headset be wired or wireless?

In the long run, wireless headsets are the future, but now wireless headsets have no way to completely replace cable. However, this trend is becoming more and more obvious. It can be seen that the current flagship mobile phones, most of the flagship machines are basically canceling the 3.5 mm headphone jack, on the one hand for waterproofing, and on the other hand for the mobile phone. Thinner, reduce the opening of the phone, although the headset is not the only audio output, but it is obviously the most common, and is the most used, so the trend is very obvious.

Let's take a look at the movements of headset manufacturers. Mobile phone manufacturers are no exception. Almost every mobile phone manufacturer has launched its own wireless headsets, and even many professional headset manufacturers, they are gradually introducing wireless headsets, including Sony, Goethe, AKG. Traditional audio companies such as Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, and Monster have introduced wireless headsets more or less. This trend is very obvious, which means that manufacturers are gradually putting down their wired headsets.

What do you choose for wired headsets and wireless headsets? After all, the trend is very obvious, but it does not mean that the wired headset will be eliminated immediately, because his advantages are still very obvious.

First of all, the first point is of course the sound quality is particularly good. Compared with the current wireless headphones, the sound quality of the wired headphones is of course better, but we also need to see that the wireless headphones continue to improve in terms of protocols, Bluetooth, etc., and the future is not without. May be more than wired. However, time may be longer.

The second point is that the connection is more stable. After all, the wireless headset is wireless Bluetooth, so the instability is very normal, especially for other inferior headphones, the sound of the left and right ears is not equal. This is very common, if it is synchronous. As long as you use the wireless headset to watch the video, you can feel the sound and picture are not synchronized. Speaking of it, if the current wireless headset is used in a chicken game, you may crash.

The third point is that wired headsets generally do not need to be charged. It is necessary to know that wireless headsets generally need to be charged. If there is no power, it is really equal to white tears, but wired headsets do not have this problem, so there are still marketable wired headsets. .

Then talk about the advantages of wireless headphones:

The first point is of course convenient. There is no entanglement of the thread. You can take out the wireless earphones from your pocket and take it out at any time. It is more convenient to wear at any time.

The second point is more functions. This is actually a relatively limited headset. After all, the wireless headset is generally for mobile phones. Its connection can be directly matched with the mobile APP, which can release hands and even many wireless headphones. It also achieved the support of the e-wallet voice assistant wake up, this future imagination is particularly large.

The third point is that it is more suitable for sports. Wired headphones can of course be exercised, but it is not convenient.

The fourth point is in terms of battery life, this is a short board, but with the introduction of fast charging, the progress of the chip, this is actually not a problem.

So to sum up, if you want a more stable connection, better sound quality, in the current situation, wired headphones are of course the first choice, but this also faces the risk of being eliminated in the future, that is, after you buy it, or It is said that second-hand low-priced sales, or you will be hidden as a collection, so in terms of future trends, it is unwise to choose wired headphones, wireless headphones must be the future trend.

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